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Deku La Situacion
Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2013
Jul 9, 2011
Trophy Points:
Spain, Barcelona

Deku La Situacion

from Spain, Barcelona

Deku La Situacion was last seen:
Nov 22, 2013
    1. shinycarletto
      hello bro now i've internet so if you want we can test for vgc 2013^^ also do you have skype or msn?
    2. Sekiam
      Ya está, que hacía mil que no me metía xDD
    3. shinycarletto
      hello bro^^ yeah i hope to because i'm moving to Belgium for university so i hope to have enough time to play vgc XD
    4. Kafei-
      la situacion.
    5. Vaz
      If you told me earlier I could have been on at that time...
      I'll be on tomorrow just in case I see you on.
    6. Vaz
      Where are you man? :/
    7. Vaz
      Okay, let's see if we can catch each other :)
    8. Vaz
      Is it possible for you to stay up a little longer more than that day after the party? Or instead, is it possible for you to get up early? But the looks of it, you have a very, very small time frame in which you use Smogon. I'm pretty flexibe except for one 8-hour time from; my usual sleeping time.
    9. Vaz
      Do you think you would be able to stay on for a bit later than usual, like 6 hours after your post on a Friday night your time? 9:00am GMT+11 my time?
    10. Tomahawk
      eq > fire punch (or roost) on dragonite or sr / mm / ha / tp metagross @ balloon > heatran
    11. alexwolf
      Gia re!Eida oti eisai ellhnas kai mias kai eimaste ligoi eipa na se kanw add...
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    Top 3 VGC 2010 Madrid
    Top 4 VGC 2013 Birmingham
    Top 24 WCS 2013 Vancouver



    Spain, Barcelona
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    <img src="http://i50.tinypic.com/120ihee" alt="&quot; class=&quot;bbc_img" class="bbc_img resized" style="cursor: pointer;">
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