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Jul 16, 2014
Jul 19, 2009
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Mar 9, 1992 (Age: 25)



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Jul 16, 2014
    1. SilvanRaptor
      oh no, its been 3 years since you've been here.
    2. Th!nkPi
    3. SilvanRaptor
      basically, a bunch of people on the pokemon board on 4chan decided that they wanted to make a unique region of fakemon, /vp/'s fakedex. ive contributed since the begining, and we're currently in need of sprites. Though, since 4chan is mainly an anonymous board, the only credit given would be to anonymous, or /vp/ itself. When I present the edited sprites you made of the raptors, I will say "These were initially made by a friend of mine, Dhjona, on smogon. I edited them, fixed up design discrepancies and are the sprites for my namesake, Grass Raptors"
    4. SilvanRaptor
      oops sorry Ive been drawing for vp. Ill fix the drawings this tuesday. The sprites are pretty good, If i make a few adjustments, can I show them to /vp/ makes a dex? Im afraid you wont get credit if it is made into a game, but i will say that it was made by a friend at smogon. If you would rather I not, thats totally fine as well.
    5. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    6. Arcticblast
      So much for Amazing Masters. :\
    7. Furosuto
      No, i do not speak dutch. I don't live there either. I'm legally canadian.

      Also, woot! Amazing masters is being submitted tomorrow!
    8. Furosuto
      I am dutch, yes, but I do not live there, or speak dutch. D:

      But will the fic be in english then? I think that would help greatly for us.
    9. Furosuto
      Hey Dhjona. I was mulling around thinking of what to do, so I typed amazing masters for pokemon. I then saw a fic reading amazing masters made by Dhjona! And then I realized it was in Dutch. What's up with that? Just wondering.
    10. Dhjona
      haha short and clear. I was already planning to put it there, but was curious to your reply. I just knew you eventually would play that card. Not so early though, so I take this as a win then. ^^

      Alch, I want you to know that I personal have nothing against you. I actually started to see you as a friend due the fact your the only one who noticed I was back and posted enthusiastic VM, which I appreciate a lot! But I just didn't understand your choices here, and wanted to know the reason. That's all. ;)
    11. Alchemator
      Put it in the writing thread, or don't put it anywhere.
    12. Dhjona
      I just don't understand why we may not have our own (writing/fanfic) thread? What is so bad about it? It still will be inspiring for other writers, make members enthusiastic to write their own story and above all.. with a own thread the main focus is only on your story. All the views..for your story; All the replies..for your story; All the critique (praises as well as improve points)..for your story, your improvement; And last but not least: all the Luvdics..for your hard work! Your writing skills! Your very own writing thread! That gives writers just the motive to continue with the story. It's just the drive they need to keep on writing.

      IMO it's completely harmless for writers to have their own thread.
    13. Dhjona
      Ofcourse not. I ask if they want to have it in the writing thread or that they find it easier to have a own thread. That still is a choice. I certainly don't commit them to choose for 'a own thread'.

      Besides, why make the writing thread popular? Why not let members, who want to make large stories (with 5+ chapters/episodes), have their own thread? And let the small stories be posted in the writing thread..
    14. Alchemator
      What you're asking there is effectively what you just did, but more spread-out and perhaps worse.

      Just put it all in the writing thread; god knows it needs the activity.
    15. Alchemator
      I'm annoyed that you ignored my suggestion.
    16. Alchemator
      But of course! Now get posting xD
    17. Alchemator
      Oh hey Dhjona is around!
    18. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy birthday.
      Happy birthday!!!!!
    20. idiotfrommars
      Just thought I should tell you thank you for working on the PO League badges.
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