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  • i will assess activity situations on the tenth. from the way it looks to me, with both of you missing several opportunities to complete the match, it will be decided by coinflip rather than activity.
    I think you're looking for the host of NU Grandslam, not Shaking Up RU, judging by your VMs with him >.>

    Looks like that tourney's still on, so go battle him or talk to Zebraiken ^.^
    Yes, I don't have a showdown account but I'll try. Tuesday works but mention your timezone?
    Okay thank you. So since this is the best of 3 we battle each other best 2 out of 3?
    Soo, yes the time and the day you mentionned looks fine to me.

    Don't hesitate to PM me again when we'll be supposed to play, to give me the server where you'll want to play (mention the PO version (1 or 2) as well).
    Yes it should be fine ? Do you know how to use IRC ? That'd make things really easier to meet each other.
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