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Nov 16, 2012
Dec 9, 2011
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Nov 16, 2012
    1. Zebraiken
      Just for clarification, I actually do appreciate your posts in the viability thread. A strong dissenting opinion where the majority tends to overhype certain Pokemon is a wake-up call that everyone needs from time to time. I do think Django overreacted a bit to your post after mine (though editing 'infract' to 'violate' was rather unnecessary :|), and it's nice to see you follow that up with what I asked for.

      Anyway, whether or not you decide to continue posting is up to you, of course. Just letting you know that they aren't going to waste.
    2. Matezoide
      I do have to say, based on our match, Virizion is a prety solid Dual Screener.
    3. BattleStar
      Hey cool user name. What's up?
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