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    1. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      We're up for the Passive-Aggressive Tournament, when can you go? I'm GMT -5.
    2. Raiza.
      hi we have to play for the 3-Mon Tournament III Round I
      i'm gmt+1, when can you play?
    3. Mew
      Hi! We're opponents in the counter-team tour round 3! Just ahead of the PM with the pokemon. I'm GMT+1 and can battle during weekdays in the evening, preferably mondays. Weekends should be no problem. What about you?
      1. Double01
        Weekends around smogon tour 5time will work
        Mar 13, 2014
      2. Mew
        ok that works for me. What day shall we schedule?
        Mar 14, 2014
    4. SoulWind
      we gotta play for the helping hand r3, when would you like to do it?
    5. Stathakis
      yo, did meloetta<3 send you my pokemon for the counterteam tournament yet? i sent him my picks many days ago but my name still isn't bold. if you've got them, when are you free to play?
      1. Double01
        uhm not yet but im gmt -5 and usually 6pm-10pm my time during weekdays or most of the time during weekends when he sends me the mons
        Feb 26, 2014
    6. perplexingpool
      when can u fite for the helping hand tourney? im gmt +11, i'm free to fight within the next few hours, or around this time tomorrow, and possibly some time later in the week. ill be on irc when i can battle
      1. Double01
        uhm i can play like 5-10pm gmt-5 or most of the times during the weekend
        Feb 19, 2014
      2. perplexingpool
        My computer is broken so I'll probably be unable to battle. If I get it fixed before the deadline I'll try to battle you, but if not feel free to take the win.
        Feb 21, 2014
    7. Test2017
      How about this saturday?
    8. Test2017
      When you can play the LCRUNUltmpics? What is your timezone?
    9. BKC
      sup when fight

      irc whenever ready??
    10. Sapientia
      When can you play for the RU tournament? And what is your timezone?
    11. McMeghan
      Will you be on IRC today? So I can meet you and play the DPP UU vs BW RU thing.
    12. Brap
      Alreet. I'm Brap from England (GMT+1). We have to battle in the never ending stor... I mean tier. When can you?
    13. Biosci
      First rocka in UU, then lunar r1 ubers, now this......

      I'm moving to NY until the 5th, and I should be able to play almost anytime after that if you give me a time.
      1. Double01
        xd ya i'll probably be most available in the afternoons on the weekends since my weekdays are filled. im gmt -5
        Sep 2, 2013
    14. Psychotic
      im choosing UU and you're choosing RU amiright
    15. Rockhp
      I'm ready, tell me when you can play, or catch me when I'm on (nights, GMT +2, french time if not smogonU)
    16. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      /kick Double01
    17. Temptation
      woooow you lost DP OU :(
      was it at least close?
    18. Rockhp
      we're opp for highlander r3, gmt +2, you can find me on french time as rockhp, let me about three/four days after you've done your pick to build it (yeah it's long but i've other things to do). Lemme know about your schedule as soon as you can, and I'll try to follow it.
    19. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      maybe jugar sunday
    20. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      M-Th: get home @ 6 EST, eat and stuf, down to play from 8-10
      F: have school then work, can't play
      Sat: cross country meet usually until 1ish and then work from 5-10
      Sun: all day free except this coming sunday becuz i got a p4rty n i have 2 study.
    21. VN.
      lmao excellent post, the slayer of OST 9 and Tour 12 champs showing he gives no fucks

      also congrats on your badge
    22. Molk
      the return on the wing
    23. lokt
      Hello, we're paired for the pokemon freedom tourney. I'm gmt-7 and am available from 12pm-10pm on all weekdays except for Wednesday.
    24. Nelson
      sent the mon to birkal, do the same quick so we can shedule thx :) youll find me overall on irc though :o
    25. Lolk
      Sorry my Internet went out (I'm on my phone) you can have the win gg
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