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May 24, 2015
Oct 10, 2009
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May 24, 2015
    1. locopoke
      I'll play whenever you want to. my DN name is Kenzo Tenma
    2. Hegna
      Nah he's still thinking it through and looking at different places.
    3. Hegna
      Soft Eng, so yeah. Know where you're planning on going yet? :P
    4. Hegna
      I'm at uWaterloo right now. Not too far, but far enough to be inconvenient.
    5. Hegna
      Hoping to go, but being out of town for uni makes it a bit more annoying.
    6. Hegna
      yeah, it's been a while. Just noticed you weren't on my friend's list and figured I should fix that :P. By the way, are you going to VGC regionals on the 14th by chance?
    7. blarajan
      When do you want to play for the Yugioh tournament?
    8. Shii
      Hey! I wasn't sure if you wanted me to bump your thread or not, but can I get your shiny jolly Nidoking for my Slowpoke?
    9. Captains
      You've won a prize in Luxpluff's tournament, I'm distributing Mightyena and Mawlie, VM me when we're both on. :)
    10. ezequiel6566
      hey wats up?

      you helped me learned how to rng in 4th gen so i was wondering if you could help me with 5th gen? pretty please lol
    11. sophies
      okay no worries i dont mean to rush you just like to check up on pendings
    12. sophies
      the wifi ds situation any better? ;p
    13. chriscobi634
      So just let it go, really you have nothing to gain but much to lose. As again I have proven I'm the better person here, when I asked you to stop but u kept going, which showed your immaturity. have a good day son

      well i'll leave you now as i have to go to a meeting about my business. you know grown up stuff. but i guess you don't since with your arguments and immaturity have proven u to be a spoiled teenager. and if your not a teenager u certainly do act like one.
    14. chriscobi634
      i'm a great person, like i said I have more friends already on here than you. i know that may not mean much as pretty much anyone you trade with would probably accept a friend request, but I have to be a great person or else my business wouldn't be successful as I have to have a lot of charisma, and I do.

      But I just do like being told what to do by someone as dumb as you, because I have proven how changing my title works, a little trick I learned from owning/running a business. and i'm humiliating you by putting you in your place, your simply stating the obvious now by saying that messages on an internet site don't matter to u. If it didn't matter to u, u would have dropped this whole thing when i asked u to. so apparently my words are affecting u since you keep responding. when you finally do stop responding i will know that it's bc you have realized I'm the bigger man.
    15. chriscobi634
      Again trying to insult of something you know nothing of. I MADE that restaurant, I RUN it, nothing was given to me. I dedicated 1 year of my life just to get that restaurant up and running. We have had great success and it has been a lot because of the effort I put into it when we were constructing it.

      LOL, good one with the "i would love to battle you, but I have better things to do."

      1:) apparently you don't because if you did you would just have dropped the whole thing when i asked you to leave me alone. I'm just doing it for fun now as I said it's fun for me putting punks like you in their place. Learn to respect your elders son.

      2:)u also say that because u know I would beat you. or else if u had confidence in your battling skills u would gladly accept my challenge. shows how much confidence u have in yourself.

      btw i have also have proven that I don't need swears or insults to prove u wrong. simply use your own arguments against u. GG sir wanna keep getting humiliated?
    16. chriscobi634
      you may have been here longer but I already have more friends than you do on here. I have almost the same amount of VMs meaning I'm an active members when it comes to trades and helping people out. I don't need a post count to show that I'm an active member.
    17. chriscobi634
      again, my life is none of your business. but if you must know I own and run our family restaurant. so i have already done something much greater than you in life. I'm a new member on here, but will prove myself through my battling skills. As a matter of fact why don't you put your money where your mouth is. Once we are both ready to battle, let's have one so i can shut you up for good.

      wanna try again with a good argument?
    18. chriscobi634
      the reason i'm ICBB because is of an idiot like you who just can't accept defeat when it's smacking them in the face. your arguments aren't even good. you didn't even respond to me when i said that you suggested i stop changing my thread title because it was working. since you know i'm right, gg i already won. get bent and pwned
    19. chriscobi634
      dude, fuck you asshole. your just doing that shit to be annoying now. i really didn't want to get into an arugment with you bc 1:) you have already proved to me to be an idiot 2:) i'm really good at talking shit, even had it as a hobby when i played my PS3 online, I would shut people up because they couldn't keep up. So humiliating you in your VMs will be fun, bring it son.
    20. chriscobi634
      alright your being reported, i warned you twice.
    21. chriscobi634
      lol, no don't have anger issues. just really not starting to like smogon because of stupid people like you that can't mind their own business and just annoy people on here. don't you have stuff to do on B/W the games haven't been out for more than 2 weeks and everyone is busy breed, RNG, training, trying out new teams/pokemon, why do you waste your time and mine. Just leave me alone dude or i will report you to an admin. you have been warned.
    22. chriscobi634
      like i said mind your own business. just ignore it. apparently it works at getting people to look at my thread, because it's pissing you off that much that you would VM me about it. So why should I stop doing something that is work? so yeah, just leave me alone dude, really don't wanna start another argument with anyone here.
    23. chriscobi634
      is it against the rules to keep changing my title thread? if not and your not an moderator then mind your own business
    24. sophies
      is your ds working again? id like to get our pending done :D
    25. SunshineCat
      Oh okay...well, tell me when it's up again ^^
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