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Aug 25, 2012
Jul 15, 2012
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Aug 25, 2012
    1. TheMantyke
      I'm not the person to ask if you'd like to host a wifi tournament. For that, you need to contact either Alakapimp or Ditto and present them with a nice write up of your proposed tournament. I wouldn't just send them what you've sent me, as it's very vague and doesn't even specify a ruleset beyond your central gimmick. Additionally, on the subject of your tournament's central gimmick, most people on Smogon clone their Pokemon anyway, so it might not have the same effect as in other communities.

      Still, if you're interested in hosting a tournament, be sure to read the wifi tournament rules if you'd like to try your hand at hosting once your ICBB status wears off!
    2. death the Kid
      death the Kid
      haha ive been hearing lot about naughty mence but im the kind of person the tries and use pokes that aren't completely OP but im prolly gonna get one in the future. plus i dont know how to clone or rng or any of that stuff lol
    3. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      It said do NOT post. Please delete your post from my thread. Or I will have a moderator remove it.
    4. dracoxfinity
      moxie is fine :P
    5. V4Victini
      K, what ability?
    6. V4Victini
      What nature?
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    Looking for a female bagon with Dragondance (adamant nature) pm me please if you have on available

    ~think hard,think long,pop your in there)(9 months later)
    im a father!


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