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Last Activity:
Apr 20, 2013
Jul 25, 2008
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from London, England

-Dragon9 was last seen:
Apr 20, 2013
    1. CakesOfSpan
      ofwkefowekf something just came up @@; could we push the time an hour back? Sorry about the hassle!
    2. CakesOfSpan
      Oops, I meant to request this Tuesday (tomorrow)! Will that work?
    3. CakesOfSpan
      Hey there, I'm GMT +5. I am flexible on the week days, so those times work for me. Perhaps we can try to meet at 6 PM GMT on Wednesday?
    4. Robert.
      im on skarmbliss as Robert-
    5. Robert.
      Can we play now for the VGC Tournament?
    6. Robert.
      we have to fight for the vgc 2012 tournament. when can you battle? im gtm-6
    7. NidokingKing
      Hey, you and me are facing each other in the second round of VGC 12. My time zone is GMT -8, hopefully we can find a time that works.
    8. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I'll be available for most of today and tomorrow to get this done. When you see this, go on the SkarmBliss server. I'll be keeping an eye on the user list to see when you come on.
    9. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I'm available
    10. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Next week some time is good.
    11. B-Lulz
      not going
    12. Joeyboy
      I have class till 2pm today but I'm gunna try and be on the Smogon PO server from 3pm onwards after that. Just message me, I'll be on as Joeyboy, so we can either battle or at least schedule a solid time.
    13. Joeyboy
      Hey man so when do you want to get our games done? I'm going back to school tomorrow so I'll have less time, when are you gunna be free?
    14. Joeyboy
      So turns out I broke my elbow on new years, so its gunna be another day or two till I can battle. sorry again for any inconvenience.
    15. Joeyboy
      Hey man sorry I havent got back to you. I messed up my arm on new years, then between being sick and traveling back home I haven't had much time :) anyway I'm now in Eastern Time Zone but I'll have tons of free time :) doctor's appointment of stuff tomorrow but other than that, no plans.

      Sure we won't have any scheduling problems
    16. Joeyboy
      Yo man, we're paired for Smogon Tour :) just wanted to touch base, sure we'll get this taken care of.
    17. barry4ever
      Hi sorry dude i totally missed this but I'm GMT +5:30 what timezone are you on ?
    18. HoiPolloi
      is thursday 8 pm (GMT +1) OK for you?
    19. ENZ0
      Ok I'm on CAP as Break.
    20. ENZ0
      K cool!
    21. ENZ0
      Sure, but after tour please.
    22. ENZ0
      Want to battle now? I'll be on SU as ENZ0.
    23. ENZ0
      Ok cool, np! Tomorrow it is from 1-2 PM (GMT -5). See ya then!
    24. ENZ0
      Hey want to battle now in 5 mins on SU, I'll be under ENZ0.
    25. ENZ0
      Is Saturday 1-2 PM (GMT -5) cool?
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    McDonald's Fantasy Euros: Rick's Legends
    2010 - UK VGC Nationals Top 8
    2012 - UK VGC Nationals Top 16
    Follow me on Twitter: @Rick095x


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    London, England
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    Richard L
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    1590 2262 9488
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    2020 3000 8212


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