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Mar 26, 2015 at 2:31 AM
Apr 21, 2009
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I'm everywhere, you ain't never there

Going to say this once more. If you have a shiny hatch request, READ MY ENTIRE FUCKING SIG. If you don't, I'm ignoring it. Dec 2, 2013

drcossack was last seen:
Mar 26, 2015 at 2:31 AM
    1. Jsaok3
      when do you wanna play for latias tourney?
    2. Enguarde
      please try play your tournament match!
    3. gamer boy
      gamer boy
    4. B-Lulz
      When can you play for battle spot?
      1. drcossack
        Tomorrow good? Just h/l me on IRC
        Feb 16, 2014
    5. Enguarde
      friendly reminder that there is one more day to get your wifi tourney battle done!
    6. d0nut
      We need to play for OST, my timezone is GMT -6. Weekends would probably be easiest for me, though depending on which times work best for you we can probably work something out.
    7. Royalty
      When do you want to fight for the battle spot tour thing? Also are you down for no mega kanga/gengar/blaziken?
      1. drcossack
        Don't care about Mega Gengar & Blaziken (wasn't gonna use them anyway), but no Mega Kanga is absolutely fine with me.

        Are you available on Sunday? I want to see if I can get some stuff transferred tomorrow.
        Jan 24, 2014
    8. Soulgazer
      I'm your opp for OST, I'm GMT-5, and can fight this Friday/Sunday/Wednesday, when do you want to fight? :o
    9. Lolk
      hey when fite
    10. Robert Alfons
      Robert Alfons
      we're matched up in farm league. when will you be available?
    11. musicmeister
      5V HBCDS timid Xerneas get.
    12. jackedfibras
      hello friend. could use your help hatching egg. i require 3536. 2079-6123-4584 ign lorenzo.
    13. Magik0722
      I would like you to hatch a shiny egg with the value of 3536, would you mind doing this for me?
    14. drcossack
      Going to say this once more. If you have a shiny hatch request, READ MY ENTIRE FUCKING SIG. If you don't, I'm ignoring it.
    15. rei123chan
      I was wondering if you could hatch my egg?
    16. User of Shadows
      User of Shadows
      Wow, I see you have a lot of egg hatching requests. Thing is, I have one too lol. My FC: 1349-5523-1177, Ign: Crystal. I have a 5IV Charmander for your trouble if you want. Thanks! ^_^
    17. IndigoCat
      Hi, I saw the google page that you have a shiny ID 3536.
      Can you help me hatch my shiny togepi & nickname it Celestinus? ^^

      I added your fc. I'd like to know your character name to ensure I traded the correct person. ^^
      My FC: 0877-1052-4802
      Character: Kaoru

      I don't have much, I'll give a 5IVs gligar with immunity for the effort.
      Thx alot. ^^
    18. cadjr2003
      Hello. I was wondering if you could hatch a shiny Froakie for me since I have one that matches you SV. If you can please let me know. If you want something in return let me know. I have a few more 5 IV Froakies with Protean if you want one of those.
    19. showahmanseb
      can you hatch my shiny manectric, can give you something in return. Thanks.
    20. Hack
      If you wanna practice for 3v3 ubers when it comes up, leave me a VM :)
      Happy Birthday! You only turn 85 once o(^_^)o!
    22. Agonist
      #smogonwifi is telling me that it's your birthday, so happy birthday!
    23. HSA ♥
      HSA ♥
      when do you wanna play for fuk ferro
    24. Iconic
    25. AuraRayquaza
      hey when you free to play for spl farm league week 4? im free on ps most of the time. why dont we say tomorrow at 10pm (GMT)? please vm back if this is alright for you
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    Friend Safari: Pawniard, Inkay, Cacturne.

    Join me on #battlespot for discussion of Nintendo's wifi metagames.

    If you want me to hatch a COMPETITIVE shiny on XY, please let me know which cart I need to use, since I have both. If you have no posts (or do not follow the spreadsheet), I will ignore your hatch request.


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    3DS Friend Code:
    0473 7953 5345
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