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Jul 2, 2016
Feb 12, 2012
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No relation.

is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus
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Jul 2, 2016
    1. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      hi fren, boondocksis back, now that boondocks be comin back, are you gonna come on for like, since a month ago?
    2. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      hey yo dusk my server is up, comcast finally decided to (hope permanatley but we all know my luck) get hteir shit together! not all of Kalos 2.0 is in (your in the conversation for it dood) but I need someoen to test some changes with, that and I need some tips on the client with that work around method you were talking about earlier
    3. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      Dusk, just to spite leafshield, you should get a vileplume as an avatar (google images)
      1. Dusk209
        Dec 23, 2013
    4. Leafshield
      Tbh I love that your avatar is a Bellossom. If I ever catch you with a team without one, I'm gonna be upset :>
      1. Dusk209
        i seriosuly dont know why its bellossom

        i didnt change my avatar
        Oct 13, 2013
      2. Leafshield
        Oh, that's because all the users without avatars were given a random pokemon. Yours just happened to be a Bellossom :P
        Oct 13, 2013
    5. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      I saw you were on for once in a blue moon, cool. :]
    6. Salient
      Dusk o3o
      Long time no see/talk~ I was wondering, what happened to DM? Is it perma dead now?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Salient
        Sep 22, 2013
      3. Salient
        Nov 9, 2013
      4. Salient
        Welp, the dual typed move thing was a disappointment. Only Flying Press is dual typed
        Nov 17, 2013
    7. Stolen
      hey i'm still on there and i am gonna stay for more 4 hours..
    8. Stolen
      Hm i guess we can play at saturday then. I'll be on the whole day after 1 PM(-3GMT). Then i will be on the server, just pm me there and we play ^^
    9. Dusk209
      I can play most days at around 3-5pm est. On weekends I can play pretty much any time.

      Sorry about not being there the time I mentioned, but at least we have a lot of time :U
    10. Stolen
      Hey which other day can you play?
    11. Stolen
      hey just saw your message, i can still play today the whole day, i'm GMT -3 and i will be online for 6 hours, pm me back when you get on and then we can play :]
    12. Kenny
      No see time long
      ... or something
      I'm reviving the janitors though if you'd be interested in being a part of the project again (:
    13. Layell
      What you submitted was amazing, I never expected seeing something as bad-ass as that little fish.
    14. Arcticblast
      Actually, I'm busy Saturday night. How about 5:00 pm?
    15. Arcticblast
      Basically as soon as we're both on; I left you a .tell in the staff channel about this :O

      Around 8 PM sometime this week?
    16. NatGeo
      Cannot get over how good The Boondocks is despite being white
    17. Solace
      I'll be available any time after 4pm est on #doubles so find me there
    18. NatGeo
      Dear Santa,

      You are a bitch ass nigga
    19. NixHex
      I like that CT haha.
    20. Demist
      Tommorow, I guess... I'll be on from 8PM to about 2AM GMT+2. If it fits you tell me, if no say when you can play
    21. Pocket
      Dusk209, may you join Doubles MiniTour plz?
    22. cam877
      Fuck drizzle. Fuck politoed. I fuckin agree!
    23. Kenny
      happy holidays
    24. Ride The Lightning
      Ride The Lightning
      Do you mind if I can copy the formatting of your changelog into mine? When I discovered your project, I thought it was more nicely made, and wanted to ask you if I have permission to format the same way you have, to the one I've already been working on.
    25. Nollan
      In addition, I'm having trouble with Tentacruel. It seems the lack of rains really kills it. In reality, I would recommend we go over stallers to make sure their defenses are good enough, as with more power, we need more bulk. Regenerator is nice, but I really think it should get a defense buff to about 75-95 (it's currently 65). I also would like to say that today we had a lot of on-server spamming, just to throw that in, and please note my recommendations page, I have ideas for Castform, Drive-Genesects, and more. Finally, I just want to say thanks for letting me help (I know I can be really annoying sometimes). Also, out of curiousity, would it be possible for you to host I metagame I made? (This is completely hypothetical)
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