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El Fenomeno
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May 5, 2013
Jan 12, 2012
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London, UK

El Fenomeno

from London, UK

El Fenomeno was last seen:
May 5, 2013
    1. El Fenomeno
      El Fenomeno
      No worries, we'll trade when I come back from Japan. Take care my friend ;)
    2. Shii
      I'm sorry for the late reply! I had to pick up my bro from college today. Bluh.
    3. Shii
      Thanks! xD

      Bluh, I keep missing you. I've been looking for jobs lately, so interviews out the wazoo. :/
      I'm free to trade later today from 4 PM EST until like midnight or so. Just let me know what time you prefer. :>

      Aww, I see! I heard lots of people struck out by round 3 at the LCQ, it sucks. :[
      But that's pro! Good job on getting there! :D
      Maybe I'll have a chance to go to Vancouver next year. xD
      I'll still prolly be at nats though, that's for sure. We should totes meet up there if you go!
    4. Shii
      I'm sorry, I missed your VM. When would you like to trade? How was worlds?
    5. Shii
      Um, okay .-.
    6. Shii
      I can trade whenever you're up :p
      I'll be on all day.
    7. Psiiionic
      I am up Where are you dude?
    8. Shii
      It's been 13 hours and I'm dead so we'll have to trade later, sorry
    9. Shii
      That's like 6 AM for me. .-.
      If I'm still awake then, we can trade.
    10. Psiiionic
      Well that will be tomorrow morning for me at 7 :s Do you not have Wifi, to use Wifi install WAP settings on your router. I might be able to make it online maybe for next 13 hours!! that will be 8:00 am smogon time
    11. Psiiionic
      Do you still want the Litwick, it is NON REDIS okay?
    12. Shii
      I'm sorry I forgot about our trade. Do you still want those 4?
    13. Psiiionic
      El Fenomeno please stop begging I told you that I will trade you the Litwick, time and effort went into SID abusing my IDs for that Raikou so like I said you need a trade thread for it thank you!!!
    14. coolbiz
    15. Treven
      i can rng the aron do you have a dw female heracross and dw female foongus/amoongus
    16. hockeyguy605
      Thanks for the offer, and for mostly following the rules, but I don't need anything EV Trained at the moment. I'll keep you in mind once the VGC '13 rules come out.

      Thanks again.
    17. Shii
      I'm sorry ;-;
    18. Shii
      Yeah sure! I only need to pokeshift the mons and I can trade :>
    19. Shii
      Okay lol
    20. Shii
      I have to pokeshift a couple of those over to my White version and EV them there, which may take a bit. How about I let you know when I'm done and we can set up a trade from there?
    21. Alphabet123
      Sure go ahead. If you want them secret you can PM me or whatever.
    22. Alphabet123
      I still have to Pokeshift Uxie and Azelf over to my Black. However, once I get that done you can have them anytime that I catch you on.
    23. Biosci
      No problem just don't trade them away and good luck
    24. Biosci
      2065 2649 9332 is my FC, just put the name as whatever you want
    25. Biosci
      Okay I'm on and waiting :P
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