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  • Not till around 8-9pm est most likely( gmt-5) but ill let you know otherwise.
    Damn, just saw that the deadline is tonight. Can you be on tonight at 10PM EST?
    Wednesday and Thursday after 1PM (EST) I should be pretty free. Just hit me with a vm.
    Hey, I'm your opponent for Clear Entry round 2. I'm EST (east coast of US) and I should be free Thursday and Saturday if you vm me a time that's good for you.
    Can we do this on the PO server please? For some reason i can't connect to smogon. I 'll be on as nitro.
    I'll be able to be on Saturday night at midnight (5pm Friday for you). Or I can stay up an extra couple of hours if that is to early, or vice versa. If we miss this, Monday for me will probably be our last shot at getting this done. So please reply ASAP.
    Hey I'm gmt+11. So if you want to play Sunday, can we play 2pm your time (9am Monday for me)? Sorry but it's the only time i'll be available that day. If not I am free all day Tuesday and Thursday.
    i'm still on, i've been idling on PO. send me a pm whenever, i'll check back frequently
    Ok, you forgot to answer for the schedule.
    I'll be online today from 9pm to 2am gmt+1 and tomorrow from 2pm to 7pm, gmt+1.
    Try to be there, or tell me if you can't.
    Still French Time server, because of crowd
    Hello !
    I am GMT+1, our timezones are not the best to be put together, but we'll do it anyway !
    What about wednesday, between 2pm and 12pm GMT+1 ? (That's a 10 hour scale, no worries, I'm on holidays.)
    It that suits you, I'll be waiting on French Time server (PO)
    Just come and highlight me.
    Have a nice day
    Hi. I need to play you for farceus round 2. What timezone are you in? I am GMT+0.
    actually we should play on the PO server because it is less likely to crash im there waiting
    Sorry I DCd I am getting back on smogon though pm me when you see me as i dont remember your alt no luck
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