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Apr 12, 2013
Mar 8, 2011
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Apr 12, 2013
    1. ToastTyrant13
      I can go on right now if you'd like! Which server, and what's your username? Mine is ToastTyrant13, of course. :p
    2. InfernoDragonHeart
      Sorry bro, I cannot have a no restriction battle since I dont pokesav which is why I dont have lv100 pokes. So my only option was the flat rule battle as I requested.
    3. InfernoDragonHeart
    4. ToastTyrant13
      You've never used PO? Best...thing...ever....besides Shoddy and Skittles.


      It's a simulator that allows you to build and test teams VERY efficiently before you make them in-game, and if you don't own the game.
      The download of it takes very little space and can be done very quickly. And it's free!

      Once you have it, you can go to Teambuilder to construct your team easily, then do Go Online and go to Smogon University to battle! :D
    5. ToastTyrant13
      Well, I believe "real" tournaments are anounced on the front page, as they only occur every so often, while there are constantly ones on the Pokemon Online Smogon server. Reason being, it's ALOT easier for people to prepare for a tournament on PO than in real life. For the "real" tournaments, people have to submit whether they won or lost to the previous person, which determines the next battles, and so on. Anyways, I'd love to get a battle with you, but it'd have to be on PO (the only thing I have ready is the Hippowdon, while I'm starting on my Garchomp). Shoot me whenever you want to! :D
    6. TallestFiddle
      wow, really boring team. i hope you dont use them much.
    7. LeagueOfLegends
      Chandelure is NOT banned. He is unreleased with his Dream World ability but he isn't banned. Stop saying otherwise.

      If you don't believe me check this thread, or better yet try running a Shadow Tag Chandelure on Smogon yourself.

      Thank You
    8. Acfreak19
      XD I don't know if you know this or not but I switched to Ferro when you forfeit.
    9. Phr3aky
      GG I didnt have the power for all those defenses. :<
    10. oOsymphonyxOo
      Not sure what happened. Neither of us dc'd or we wouldn't both end up back in the room.
    11. oOsymphonyxOo
      Try hosting the battle instead of me. Also, turn your voice chat off.
    12. Grape
    13. Grape
      what happen?
    14. Kid Icarus
      Kid Icarus
      GG, that was intense to the extreme
    15. FakeGlory
      nooo wrong jellicent
    16. Tepig
      Hi do you got 5th gen sav? cause mine stopped working and i was trying to get a new team and i was wondering if you could do it for me.
    17. Lord Yawgmoth
      Lord Yawgmoth
      Thanks for the game, bro! And christ, Garchomp took that Mach Punch a LOT better then I thought he would. o.O
    18. Lord Yawgmoth
      Lord Yawgmoth
      Thanks for playing. This team blows, clearly, haha.
    19. SURPLE
      pretty sure i said no stall teams
    20. evan1o1
      I'm not sure where they said it, but it's been officially banned. with my team, it swept nearly entire teams without swords dance, so if it comes in late, it's very broken..
    21. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      what he is checked by so many things. reuniclus and excadrill overcentrallize WAY more. if he doesn't have sd he isn't strong enough, without protect he doesn't get enough speed, and with 2 attacks he misses coverage. anyways I am not smogon, where did they say that?
    22. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      blaziken is banned, what do you mean. I sometimes use him so I want to know. he doesn't seem broken at all so I would appreciate a reply :)
    23. skylark
      GG, played well.
    24. evan1o1
      oh my bad... in that case, good play!
    25. Helba
      One was Zoark lol. I guess If it's poison it doesn't come back as Zoark. I would of suspected you would of knew because all it used was Dark Pulse + Focus Blast XD.
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