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Sep 14, 2014
Mar 29, 2010
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FAFUS was last seen:
Sep 14, 2014
    1. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      ok let's play now i'm on pokemonexperte :
    2. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      we need to play for dpp uu. i'll be online tomorrow from the hours of 2 pm to 7 pm, gmt -7. please try to show up.
    3. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey we need to play for dpp uu tournament. i am gmt -7 and able to play basically whenever. tell me when you would like to play.
    4. ~GreenCore
      Fafus, debemos jugar dpp uu .cry por la uupl uwa
    5. Smurf.
      im usually on 8pm-11pm gmt +10
    6. Smurf.
      whenever youre ready for uupl come find me on #ocn
    7. SilentVerse
      Uhh, ok I guess... I'll be on Reborn Server under the nick Magical Girl.
    8. SilentVerse
      I'm pretty much free anytime on Saturday / Sunday, though I'd prefer to play during the afternoon (I'm GMT -6).
    9. Iconic
      i won't be here friday or most of saturday but i can try saturday night. if not, any day after monday i'll be free 100%
    10. Iconic
      when do you wanna play for dpp fest
    11. Skywallker
    12. Skywallker
      hey join in irc
      you can join in irc now
    13. Skywallker
      Hey man when do you can to play?

      you can play tomorrow 11pm my timezone gmt -3
    14. H-C
      hey wanna play now ? I'm waiting you on nbs
    15. H-C
      I never go on msn, but on tuesday I can't play before 11pm so that would be cool for me !
    16. H-C
      Hey, we have to battle for the UU tourney, I'm GMT+1, tell me when you can battle.
    17. Crystal_
      ok donde prefieres jugar, po o nbs?
    18. Crystal_
      puedes el viernes sobre las 5?
    19. Crystal_
      preferiria jugar cuanto antes, si puedes mañana o pasado, mejor; si es asi, no me importa jugar a la mañana a la tarde o a la noche.
    20. Picollo
      battle now? Iam online at global casino on NBS
    21. Picollo
      hey that sounds good , on saturday iam at work before , so i would rather prefer around ~ 23:00 but 22:00 should also be fine.

      mind if we play our match on Netbattle then? I would rather prefer this cause the Mechanics on PO seem very much different compared to PO ..i dont know what the exactly rules are too this , i have hust heard that many old gen plyers will play...or atleast consider to play on NB.
    22. Picollo
      heey iam your gsc opponent on SPL..when shall we battle? I have GMT+1 timezone and if i assumed right you come from spain so you should have a similar timezome..iam usully online every day , specially at evening so feel free to shedule a time which is comfortable for you :)
    23. Rewer
      why is everyone mad at you?
    24. Danilo
      we have to play for all gen uu our tier is bw2 uu
      im gmt-5 and im always on irc during the afternoon as danilo
      contact me whenever your free so we can fite
    25. Masterclass
      grotto im charizardctcher35
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