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Mar 22, 2017 at 3:33 PM
Oct 2, 2011
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is a Past SPL Champion

Today?? May 18, 2016

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Mar 22, 2017 at 3:33 PM
    1. steve rorongello
      steve rorongello
      when are we playing for spl? saturday/sunday works best for me, best times would be during the night or mornings with my current schedule, afternoons/evenings will prob not work
      1. Pearl
        the wall of shame
        Mar 21, 2017 at 9:32 PM
      2. Pearl
        welcome to it
        Mar 21, 2017 at 9:32 PM
    2. d0nut
      Hey, we play for spl this week. My time zone is GMT-6 (will be GMT-5 from Sunday onward because of daylight savings.) I'm mostly available during the weekend, but we can set something up earlier in the week if needed. Sometime between 1-4pm my time on Saturday or Sunday would be easiest for me, but I'm fairly flexible during weekends if that doesn't work.
    3. idiotfrommars
      We need to fight for SPL. I would prefer early afternoon GMT -5 on either Saturday or Sunday. Do either of those days work for you?
    4. undisputed
      hey dude, when do you want to play for SPL? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are usually my best days.
    5. UD
      Hi friend, so do you wanna play this Friday at like 1pm my time? I'm US Central (GMT -6). We can also do some other time if you want. Looking forward to it!
    6. FullLifeGames
    7. GreenGogoatttt
      hi there we are plying for the $$ rby tour. i am gmt-5 and have finals next week week (which ik is strange) so i would really like playing today or this weekend. im free the rest of the night, and flexible on the weekends
      1. GreenGogoatttt
        seems next friday and weekend are also within the deadline, would prefer playing then, same times available as in my 1st post
        Jan 20, 2017
      2. Lutra
        speks got subbed in for fakes
        Jan 29, 2017
    8. Danilo
      hey man we're probably playing next week.
      i'm really busy w/ full time work + family stuff on the weekend so i'd prefer to play before thursday if possible. does that work for you? im GMT-5
      i really can't play on the weekend. sunday and friday are definite no. saturday is v likely a no.
      1. Danilo
        thursday COULD work but it'd have to be STRICTly at 5 my time
        Jan 15, 2017
    9. Finding True Love
      Finding True Love
      Yo, we're paired for BW UU Cup r1. I'm gmt -6 and have a pretty flexible schedule, when do you wanna play?
      1. Finding True Love
        Finding True Love
        Hey, I'm just leaving you another message to check if you wanted to play anytime soon?

        I can play any time tomorrow, or in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.

        We can also play closer to deadline if that works better for you.
        Jan 5, 2017
    10. Leru
      wann dpp
    11. Descending
      Hi Skyshard hat mich im BB gefragt, ob du Samstag Abend für NPL spielen kannst, antworte mal möglichst bis morgen Nachmittag.
    12. Lowgock
    13. Nazib
      hey there, when do you wanna get our DPP OU match done? im free this saturday from 10 pm (gmt +6)
    14. Sugarcult
      yo, we're paired for the twl in bw, gmt +2, when play?
    15. Mysterious M
      Mysterious M
      hi when play for no johns? i am gmt+3
    16. Honor
      Hey, we have to play for WCOP.
      I'd like to do this on monday, around 7pm gmt +2, let me know if it can work for you.
    17. ToF
      We need to play for wcop, I'm gmt -5 and prefer the weekends or late evening on the weekdays (after 7 pm my time). Not free this weekend, July 4th holiday.
    18. 1996ITO
      Hey, Fakes, wanna play this saturday afternoon?
    19. smilzo
      hey, we're paired for swc, i'm gmt+2 and i'm available this sunday all day or any evening next week. tuesday/wednesday or thusday afternoons work too
    20. Alexander.
      Lets say 8-10 PM btw?
    21. Sam
      monday or tuesday work best for you? and what time?
    22. 1996ITO
      Hey Fakes, I'm most probably fighting sam and coffe this week and next week. Can we leave it for the 3rd week? I'll be very busy next week.
    23. Sam
      Hey, we're paired for WCOP. I'm GMT-6 right now but I'll be GMT -5 starting on the 19th. What times are you generally available?
    24. rural
      hope you win dpp cup this year my friend
    25. Googly
      I was on all of yesterday and didn't see you :[
      I'll do my best to make myself available tonight so we can play for DPP Cup, since today is the last day.
      1. Googly
        Going to bed now. I've asked for an extension.
        May 23, 2016
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