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Dec 9, 2016 at 10:19 AM
Oct 2, 2011
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is a Past SPL Champion

Today?? May 18, 2016

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Dec 9, 2016 at 10:19 AM
    1. LSB
      Hi Skyshard hat mich im BB gefragt, ob du Samstag Abend für NPL spielen kannst, antworte mal möglichst bis morgen Nachmittag.
    2. Lowgock
    3. Nazib
      hey there, when do you wanna get our DPP OU match done? im free this saturday from 10 pm (gmt +6)
    4. Zeno;
      yo, we're paired for the twl in bw, gmt +2, when play?
    5. Mysterious M
      Mysterious M
      hi when play for no johns? i am gmt+3
    6. Honor
      Hey, we have to play for WCOP.
      I'd like to do this on monday, around 7pm gmt +2, let me know if it can work for you.
    7. ToF
      We need to play for wcop, I'm gmt -5 and prefer the weekends or late evening on the weekdays (after 7 pm my time). Not free this weekend, July 4th holiday.
    8. 1996ITO
      Hey, Fakes, wanna play this saturday afternoon?
    9. smilzo
      hey, we're paired for swc, i'm gmt+2 and i'm available this sunday all day or any evening next week. tuesday/wednesday or thusday afternoons work too
    10. Alexander.
      Lets say 8-10 PM btw?
    11. Sam
      monday or tuesday work best for you? and what time?
    12. 1996ITO
      Hey Fakes, I'm most probably fighting sam and coffe this week and next week. Can we leave it for the 3rd week? I'll be very busy next week.
    13. Sam
      Hey, we're paired for WCOP. I'm GMT-6 right now but I'll be GMT -5 starting on the 19th. What times are you generally available?
    14. rural
      hope you win dpp cup this year my friend
    15. Googly
      I was on all of yesterday and didn't see you :[
      I'll do my best to make myself available tonight so we can play for DPP Cup, since today is the last day.
      1. Googly
        Going to bed now. I've asked for an extension.
        May 23, 2016
    16. We Three Kings
      We Three Kings
      We have to play today, so I'll try to be online as often as possible. You can find me on SmogTours if I'm free.
    17. Fakes
    18. Energy
      When are you normally on? I havnt seen you we need to play ADV cup I'm GMT -5
      1. Energy
        when r u gonna be on so we can do the last game ?
        May 17, 2016
    19. We Three Kings
      We Three Kings
      We play for the DPP Cup. I've asked for an extension as I'm probably unavailable until next Tuesday. Can you play around then? I'm GMT +2 by the way.
    20. Z+V
      Hey we're paired for adv cup. I'm GMT+2, when do you want to play ?
    21. Vinc2612
      Wir sollen für adv open spielen. Wann kannst du? Ich kann von Sonntag spielen. Sonntag alles tag (10am-11pm), andere Tage von 19 bis 23 Uhr.

      Es tut mir leid ich habe nicht Deutsch seit SPL gesprochen. Ich hoffe, dass du verstanden hast.
    22. Twixtry
      Hello we're matched up for the dpp cup. When can you play? I'm gmt +1 or 2 I forgot
    23. -Tsunami-
      when do u wanna play for rby cup
      rdy whenever
      gmt -4
    24. Mr.378
      We play in adv cup when can you play? I am gmt-5 and I can try the weekends.
    25. p2
      we're paired for dpp cup, i see you on smogtours often but; im gmt+1 and available all day monday/tuesday, evenings wed-friday, and weekends are work dependent, but i can usually play at night both days
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