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Last Activity:
Apr 9, 2013
Aug 22, 2010
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Washington (GMT-8)


from Washington (GMT-8)

Fedoraman was last seen:
Apr 9, 2013
    1. Dxs
      I love your Adamant Scrafty with Ice Punch and Drain Punch, please CMT and look my stuff and Foxantes' stuff.
    2. Hotrod93
      hey dude I lost the pm of the pokes you wanted, which ones were they again?
    3. LizardMan
      Hello, when would you like to complete our pending?
    4. Hotrod93
      Sorry I havent gotten back, the cloner search is still going sadly : /
    5. jiang513
      hi Fedoraman, Im sorry for this delay, I just saw your reply in my thread just now. we can do that bold shaymin for your murkrow whenever you can. also, can i ask you to do a CP for me, if you will? (a cp on hg/ss for a naive entei)
    6. labarith
      Are you interested in these BPs?
      1. HP Ice 70, Weatherball (egg move) + Sunnyday (TM) FEMALE timid Bellsprout
      w/ Chlorophyll and lowest Attack possible consistent w/ HP70ice.
      2. Bold Happiny 31/0/31/31/31/31 w/ Serene Grace (For Charge Beam/Ice Beam/Aromatherapy/Softboiled set) - Aromatherapy is an egg move you can give it to save people (me?) BP... but it's not necessary.
      3. Female Bold Seel w/ Fakeout, Hydration. 31/31/31/31/31/31

      Let me know, thanks!
    7. Ragnar
      Fedora, I left a comment in your thread about a Misdreavus.
    8. Switch229
      It would take me a couple days to get EQ if you don't mind waiting. I dont get to play much these days, maybe 30-60 min a day. Thats also the main reason I dont RNG myself. Is the Snorlax at 0 EV?
    9. iambaney
      Hey, I wanted to let you know that I already did these BPS for Labarith:

      Bulbasaur♀ x2(shiny and non shiny)
      Bold [31/3/30/30/31/30] (HP Fire 70)
      Egg Moves: Leaf Storm, Petal dance

      Bulbasaur♀ x2(Shiny and non shiny)
      Bold [31/2/30/31/31/31] (HP Ice 70)
      Egg Moves: Leaf Storm, Petal dance

      Smoochum♀ x2(Shiny and non-shiny)
      Hasty [31/31/30/30/31/30] (HP Fire 70)
      Egg Moves: Fake Out

      The rest are yours if you want them. I won't do them - I have too many credits in his thread already.
    10. Hotrod93
      Still trying to find one : / I contact one and they never reply back.
    11. labarith
      Sounds good.
      Note: I do clone, so if you need that, or some TMS or something, let me know.

      Good luck on your BPs!
    12. Buckert
      Well, since it's Bold (-Atk + Def), I thought I'd give it Calm Mind and 1 Special Attack. :P Don't know yet. Thanks for the Moon Stone! ^^
    13. Buckert
      Yeah sure! I'll be on soon!

      By the way, I'm stuck on giving it a move set. I surely want Protect and Wish, but the last 2 moves, I don't know man :P
    14. labarith
      Thanks for the trade!

      Since we're both on, let me know if you see anything else in my thread you want - I'm sure I can find stuff in yours... :P

      Edit: Are you looking for any BPs to do? I always have a few I want done... :P
    15. Buckert
      Hi mate, just wanted to let you know I'm starting on the Cleffa now. :) The only problem is, I don't have a spare Moon Stone. :( If you have one for me, I'll give you a copy of the EV'd version ^_^
    16. lmitchell0012
      Hello, what moves does your jolly smeargle have?? I may be interested in trading you items, cloning, EV Training, etc in exchange for him and the shiny tentacool.
    17. labarith
    18. labarith
    19. labarith
      Good, i should be free most of the day today - VM me!
    20. labarith
      Hey, sorry for missing you Monday - Busy week - are you free to trade tonight or tomorrow?
    21. Buckert
      Ahh that's so kind of you! :)
    22. Buckert
      Alright, I'll VM you when I have it done ^^ Will do a few other first (like the National Dex order :p) so first Spearow, then Pichu, then Sandshrew, both Nidoran's, and when that's done, Cleffa will be EV'd ^^

      Enjoy the TM's, if you ever need any more, don't hesitate to VM me! Like now, I can give you them for free ^^
    23. Buckert
      Oh btw, I'm starting Cleffa's EV training soon, do you have an EV'd version of that yet? If not, you can have a copy from mine ^^
    24. Buckert
      Yeah, sure. :) I'll meet you on in a sec
    25. Buckert
      Well, since you only need 6 TM's, I will give you them for free. :) Can be on in 5 mins ^^
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