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Oct 21, 2014 at 9:42 PM
Mar 9, 2011
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from In middle of nowhere...

-Frexa- was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 21, 2014 at 9:42 PM
    1. Harsha
      hey we have to play for pocl, im gmt-7 and my activity is pretty sporadic. what times work for you? i can try and match them.
    2. Hot N Cold
    3. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      ok dude...i should be free for the next few hours as well as tomorrow morning. when are we playing?
    4. dice
      when do u want to play for roapl
    5. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      when do you want to play for POCL or w/e it is
      1. -Frexa-
        Anytime u want, if u cant in week, lets do in weekend
        Aug 20, 2014
    6. Dekzeh
      Eh, we need to play for RoAPL, let me know when u get online so we can get this done.
    7. Tokyo Tom
      Tokyo Tom
      RoAPL, when fite?
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      2. Tokyo Tom
        Tokyo Tom
        Damn, would you be on tomorrow night by any chance? If not I can try tomorrow morning. I guess were both EST, that's good n_n
        Aug 9, 2014
      3. Tokyo Tom
        Tokyo Tom
        I'm actually cool to play rn if you're still on.
        Aug 9, 2014
      4. -Frexa-
        ya i can play now
        Aug 9, 2014
    8. HellPowna
      hi frexa! how about you? im here to tell you that the user 'Lord Elyis' your opponent of Pokemon Online Tournament 4 will be online from 3 August. He's my friend, and he cannot be online during these 2 days. Bye and Good Luck :)
      1. -Frexa-
        Ok dude thanks and peace
        Jul 31, 2014
    9. PDC
      when u want to play for ROAPL
      1. -Frexa-
        let's play at weekend
        Jul 28, 2014
    10. King
      hop on irc plz
      1. -Frexa-
        at night brah
        Jun 8, 2014
    11. Joycdonnell
      que onda, oye me puede iluminar un poco acerca del World Cup? un compa y yo tenemos dudas acerca de la selección de equipos.
      1. -Frexa-
        claro, agregame a skype para charlar: Frexa.
        Jun 4, 2014
      2. Joycdonnell
        hay muchos Frexa en ek Skype :I yo soy Joshua O'Donnell en el skype
        Jun 6, 2014
    12. gr8astard
      Wanna play in ~2 hours?
    13. gr8astard
      we gotta play hpl, tell me when you are available
    14. Angelin
    15. boudouche
      yo, when do you want to play ?
      1. -Frexa-
        can u play now
        Mar 8, 2014
    16. Finchinator
      Hola, tenemos que pelear para HPL. Yo soy GMT -5 y puedo jugar en las tardes y en las noche durante la semana (no todos los días). Voy a estar libre este fin de semana. ¿Cuándo puedes combatir?
    17. aim
      Hey we have to play for ost r3. I am gmt -5, when can you play? I am not available This Saturday/Sunday nor am i available the thursday coming up and next sunday.
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      2. aim
        tomorrow sounds fine. How does 4pm look for you? 4pm eastern
        Feb 24, 2014
      3. aim
        i'll be on irc in #spl
        Feb 24, 2014
      4. -Frexa-
        Feb 24, 2014
    18. macle
      come on irc
    19. Trinitrotoluene
      hey, let me know when you're available for Once Upon A Team. i'm gmt - 8 and available after 1:50 p.m. (my time) all week.
    20. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey the frogs are subbing out k12 if he doesn't rock up tomorrow. So incase he doesn't show up we need to organise a time. I'm gmt+11 and sometime Saturday morning or Sunday night for me would be suitable
      1. 199 Lives
        199 Lives
        Ok you've been subbed in. are you able to play sometime Sunday night GMT +11
        Jan 25, 2014
    21. TV-Rocka
      Ok I guess we have a problem, because I'm the whole weekend away, inclusive friday. I drive sunday back, but that can even be 3 am for me, so I'm not sure if we could battle than. Maybe we get one more Day to battle.
    22. Raseri
      when fight for team tour. im gmt -7 and prefer early afternoons or evenings my time
    23. TV-Rocka
      Hmm, the problem is, I will not me home at weekend. You sure you couldn't battle today or tomorrow?
    24. TV-Rocka
      hey keule, when do you want to play?
      My timezone is GMT +1. I would prefere to battle tomorrow or thursday, if it's oks for you?
    25. Bryce
      hey our teams need to play for ghosting tournament.We are GMT+6,GMT+2 and GMT time.When can you guys play?
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