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Jan 30, 2009
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Apr 20, 2014 at 4:32 PM
    1. evan0913
      Hey Frog!
      Remember me ? xD
      I can help you with your 6th gen breeding. But I'm just in the middle of exams at the moment :) Will be busy for another few days :D
      1. frogoholic101
        Hi Evan, yes, I remember you. A few of the older members are still here, I'm happy to see!

        I'm in the same boat with exams, don't worry. I've already had offers for the Pokemon I needed so I should be fine.
        Apr 15, 2014 at 12:43 PM
      2. evan0913
        Okay cool man, keep in touch. If you need anything in future don't hesitate to send me a msg ^^
        Apr 15, 2014 at 12:44 PM
    2. zero2exe
      Hey froggy boy, long time no see! you're back for real? xD
    3. Albus
      Thanks a lot. i hope you enjoy your new Meloetta.
    4. Albus
      I just finished cloning it, see you in the Wi-Fi room again.
    5. Albus
      I'd recommend you to get out while i clone it, it will take like 5-7 mins.
    6. Albus
      Ok, mine's in my sig too, see you in the Wi-Fi room.
    7. Albus
      Yeah, of course.
      And awesome, can you give me your FC? in the meantime, i'll clone my Meloetta.
    8. Albus
      Sounds good to me, but if we could trade today, it would be awesome.
      And yes, i can clone.
    9. Albus
      Hi, when can we trade my Meloetta for your Togepi?
    10. Shinyshuppet1
      Yep it is, it's nicknamed "Shaymin"
      When can you trade?
    11. CrownEntei
      Hey :),
      been a long time. How bout Milotic, cause it doesnt have a new ability and it learns all the egg moves in third gen.
    12. Katzali
      I haven't checked, let me know which ones you're interested in and I'll do an IV check on them.
    13. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I have what you need. Tornadus and Politoed! I need your Togekiss. Can you nickname it?
    14. M. Rock
      M. Rock
      No dude thank you. Serene Grace Togekiss w/Tri Attack is both rare and functional, I'll definitely get some mileage out of this!
      I have all of the English 5th gen event mons released so far (except Genesect....have the wondercard, didn't RNG yet), so if you're looking for others feel free to shoot me a message.
    15. M. Rock
      M. Rock
      k jumping on wifi. The Keldeo is fully redis btw
    16. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Yea, I would've tossed, too. Thanks!
    17. plurple
      For your Zoroark that needs to be EV wiped do you know which EVs or is it just spread out among all six?
    18. Zari
      Shadow pokemon can be shiny in colo, but XD is another story. The nonshadow mons you receive in XD CAN be shiny, however :)
    19. Zari
      Heya frogoholic :)

      I thought I'd VM you (in response to your post in my joint trade thread) that those are indeed shiny colosseum pokemon. They were obtained via emulator, however, because currently that is the only way to get any really good (ie flawless) ones :/
    20. Luxpluff91
      Gen 5 is good
    21. Luxpluff91
    22. Luxpluff91
    23. hotrod280
      ok just making sure i'll be sure to keep them NFT.
    24. hotrod280
      ah i forgot to ask are these pokemon to be kept NFT by me? They are rather rare so im just checking.
    25. hotrod280
      thanks for the trade, ive been wanting to run banded gyarados but couldnt really do it without double-edge. and this tri-attack togepi looks very interesting as well. thanks again.
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