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Game Freak201
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Mar 28, 2015
May 9, 2008
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Game Freak201

from Plant City, Florida

Game Freak201 was last seen:
Mar 28, 2015
    1. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      Hey, could you get on IRC for a bit? I'd like a live chat with you about Ancient Mafia.

      EDIT: nvm, I've got to go.
    2. jigglypuffers42
      Can you go on IRC right now? We need to start designing the game. Go to #money
    3. Fuzznip
      Can you come to CAP? I'll wait for you there.
    4. Fuzznip
      Sure bud. Just shoot me a VM when you're ready.
    5. Fuzznip
      When do you want to get our HGSS match done?
    6. Reverb
      sorry. I've just overoccupiedc myself. You can take the win since I wasnt being fair to you
    7. Reverb
      sorry I was doing a college tour and the place we were staying at didnt have wifi (wtf)
    8. Friar
      you disconnected, or i did

      come on pokemonGTS and we can play, I will be BLOOSUCKS
    9. Friar
      I will be on Shoddy on CAP and Smogon University.

      We'll meet there
    10. Friar
      Hey there,
      I moved on in the FUK Dragon Tournament am I'm now your opponent! I'm looking forward to a great match! Unfortunately, I'll be out of town from Wednesday (the 3rd) until Sunday (the 7th). As soon as I get back we can work on getting this done. I'd like to get it done pretty quickly so I'm not the guy holding up the tournament again, and it seems we will be on at similar times, so it shouldnt be a problem, good luck!
    11. Flamewheeler
      Ok, I just wanted to let you know that I can't do the match today. I have work I need to get done before tomorrow and a test to study for. =/ Let me know a better day because I should be fairly free after today...but I'm not real sure about tomorrow.
    12. macle
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