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Jan 6, 2017
Mar 27, 2011
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    1. Antar
      The cutoff is and always will be ~3.41% (it's the value such that the odds of going 20 battles without seeing that Pokemon is 50%). This information has been posted in a great many places, which is why I deleted your post.
    2. Shinyweavile
      so, would you be willing to offer it? If you don't wanna spend time breeding it, i can also clone it! Also, judging by your join date it seems you either lurked for a while before joining or are somewhat of a newbie.
    3. Shinyweavile
      helloooooo, I saw on the released DW pokemon thread that you obtained a female DW eevee. Would you be willing to breed it and get me a female anticipation eevee? I can offer ALOT!
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