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  • (You're both fine to believe what you want, but idk if you two knew that they're obtained via unorthodox methods)

    Although Nintendo did not make shiny checks in gen 3, the only possible way one has obtained the shiny Wishmkr Jirachi is if someone backs up a Gamecube sav and change the seed to one of the shiny seeds.

    If you believe that externally editing the save file in order to force the game to generate a shiny is legal, fine. These Shiny Jirachi are semi-legit at best as the shiny Jirachi were not naturally obtained. Unlike RNG abuse, these required the use of external devices. I beleive he did this experiment several weeks after the post in red; I don't know his final conclusion (why didn't he edit?). Shiny Jirachi are there; Kaphotics's bundle were probably obtained through the edited seed.

    On another note, the 9 possible possible IV/PID combinations for a shiny Jirachi are known; therefore, anyone with the knowledge can create one in Pokesav and satisfy legal.exe.
    The Ageto Celebi can be shiny because some of the GBA games allowed shiny Event Pokemon. However, Ageto Celebi are Japanese only, so if it's English I've got some bad news.

    Ask EPPIE. She has a Shiny Mew, gotten via a similar method to a shiny Ageto Celebi.
    "MYSTRY Mew cannot be shiny. Negai Boshi cannot be shiny. As a side note, WSHMKR Jirachi and Ageto Celebi cannot be shiny."

    Sabresite said this, and he THE legality checker.
    Nah the Ageto Celebi is the only legitimate shiny Celebi. Every other Celebi has had a shiny lock on it, meaning that if the game would generate a shiny form of the Celebi (that isn't the Ageto Celebi) it would +1 the spread so that it couldn't be shiny.
    I'm sorry, shade is a troll. The man you want to consult is Earthworm, one of the best battlers we have, I'm sure you've heard of him.
    probably, if you want to be certain though ask gmax. he knows even more than me
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