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Last Activity:
Sep 24, 2011
May 10, 2010
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Greysnow was last seen:
Sep 24, 2011
    1. Chill
      No worries.
    2. Chill
      Ok, I'm on my way. Sorry about the wait.
    3. Chill
      Still need help evolving?
    4. Eiganjo
      let me know if you want to do more EV'ing, still have more then enough mons that need it ;)
    5. Eiganjo
      kk ill need a copy back of all of those, probo and medicham are on my diamond, since im trading with someone else to ill hop on there first, meet you on again :P
    6. Eiganjo
      you also wanted the medicham if i recall, can pick that up now but Ill need a copy of it back :P
    7. Eiganjo
      they all check out, you kept a copy of the blaziken I assume? :P
    8. Eiganjo
      still about so I can pick em up?
    9. Eiganjo
      no wqorries, let me know when they're done ;)
    10. Eiganjo
      sounds good, ill pick them up and post the movesets via PM ;)
    11. Eiganjo
      how many do you want to take up, I can let you EV a torchic I have so thats no problem :P medicham is already ev'ed iirc but I can et you do another one for that I suppose ;)
    12. Eiganjo
      always got some ev'ing to do, you know that XD
    13. Eiganjo
      ah sorry, I missed you, walking dog, dinner and shower, so now im avail :P
    14. Eiganjo
      sure, alakazam is on HG, regice and lanturn on plat, and qwilfish, rampardos and leafeon are all on my diamond, so add all 3 codes. I do want copies back of everyone of those though :P
    15. Eiganjo
      ah, those 6 are fine, youll most likley have to clone em for yourself though
    16. Eiganjo
      thats fine, already duly noted :P
    17. Eiganjo
      nayh, they all check out, but I didnt expect any less, telle, want 6 credits, or clones of them mons or a combination of the 2? :P
    18. Eiganjo
      ah, no worries about that, Guess ill find someone to do that, Ill check them out and when they check out ill give you the choice, a clone of one of the pokes or a credit, whichever you would want I suppose :P 1 for 1 :P
    19. Eiganjo
      haha sure, sorry i missed you, was back to rngng an extra pokemon, ill meet you on in a jiffy :P
    20. Eiganjo
      ah thats fine just vm me whenever you are read to trade or w/e :P
    21. andrea
      I don't really "have" Ev training that needs done technically... Zach wanted some pokes and offered to do anything for me cause he's nice. =3 And I scrounged through my boxes and found stuff that needs spreads. =)

      I'm too busy with BW right now to actively update my thread hehe. When I get through it and do some more breeds/catches thennnnn I might update. Might. =P
    22. Eiganjo
      ah thats ok as well, let me know when you are done, :D
    23. Eiganjo
      you could just ev it and not evolve it and ill do it instead then, that might be a bit more wise to do :P
    24. Eiganjo
      itll put on the steel coat after a battle then :P after that just Rare candy/level it up and it should evolve into wormadam-s

      buildings like the restaurant in plat or the e4
    25. Eiganjo
      ah good, ill head on then, use my HG code and ill give you the spreads via PM or so
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    Diamond F.C: 3909-4914-1782
    Black F.C: 2022-2182-0981
    Ev Training

    Formerly Usopp..


    DP Friend Code:
    3909 4914 1782
    BW Friend Code:
    2022 2182 0981
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