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May 26, 2016 at 3:21 AM
Jul 8, 2013
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Mar 8, 1996 (Age: 20)


Male, 20

I feel like JesUUs on the cross Oct 21, 2013

GULLY was last seen:
May 26, 2016 at 3:21 AM
    1. Valentine
      when would you like to play for UUPL
      1. GULLY
        whenever preferably during evenings. im central time
        May 17, 2016
    2. Finchinator
      hey we play for UUPL, i have a busy late week so if we can get this done earlier in the week, that'd be great - we play bw uu btw. im gmt-4 and can play from 3-11pm during the week! if that doesn't work, i can try and find time later, but not ideal
    3. daedalus1103
      Hey we are up for the borderline tournament. Im est, can you play 4 pm tomorrow my time?
    4. Ya Boy MostDope
      Ya Boy MostDope
      when you trying to play fam
    5. DKFirelord
      Hey what are the evs on Abomasnow and Jellicent on the team that you used Salac Berry Cobalion on
    6. Bouff
      Minitour When
      1. GULLY
        just msg me on ps i should be on during the day central time
        Jul 6, 2015
    7. Spoof
    8. RowDog
      When do you want to verse for the Under games?
    9. Level 56
      Level 56
      When play for koko's ideal tour? Im gmt+0
    10. Imanalt
      yo when play for ost? I don't wanna play particularly soon, maybe next weekend? im gmt-5 (eastern us time), when fite
    11. hilarious
      stall is just a playstyle plz dont get so mad :l
    12. Yellow Skarmory
      Yellow Skarmory
      how did you lose roomvoice in uu room?
      1. GULLY
        bc i got to much money and they said shit were all broke boys this cant work any more and i said ok
        Dec 31, 2014
    13. Kingler12345
      If you feel that the cookie cutter teams are being voted for it's a problem with the voters. Plus no complez stuff early....so idk. While i fully respect you as a battler and have no problem with discussion, i do not mod this so you \could\ have a spoiled reputation or worse. I hope yiu understand, also tell me if you have any revisions.
    14. GULLY
      I feel like JesUUs on the cross
    15. Kingler12345
      hey grey knight's team is included, if you want you can revote but js
    16. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
    17. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Well a ladder win is still a ladder win you know,
      i am better than you ellis

      not only that i am pretty sure that the guy you pretending to be is much better that you as well.
    18. GULLY
      I feel like JesUUs....
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    RichBoyGastly:Trevor Ellis is a soulless bastard who is incapable of understanding human emotions.
    Your best friend, Trevor Ellis :)


    Mar 8, 1996 (Age: 20)
    My Characteristic:
    Proud of its power
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