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Last Activity:
Feb 21, 2012
Jul 2, 2009
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Paris, France


from Paris, France

Haldar was last seen:
Feb 21, 2012
    1. ala
      hey, when are you free to do our battle for the "Oh my mirror" tourney? I'm EST time and can be on pretty much whenever so just give me a shout
    2. Synre
      ggs, cant imagine it being much closer than that
    3. Synre
      We didn't play our first match. You just battled some random guy. I am on my forum nick on Smogon's server, and have been for about fifteen minutes now.
    4. Synre
      I just got on too, but keep in mind you need to submit your team for this tournament before we can play. There is a link in the Round 2 thread.
    5. Synre
      Sounds good, see you then.
    6. Synre
      I could do it an hour earlier(or two hours later) tomorrow, or at the 19:00 any other day this week. My internet service provider is going to be here around 19:00 to 21:00 GMT tomorrow to fix some issues, so I probably won't have a stable connection during that time range, but I'll be home so I could do it right before or after.
    7. Synre
      Evidently you got activity winned through Round 1 of the VGC tournament and we're opponents in Round 2. We have until the 18th but I'd really prefer to get this done sooner; preferably by next Sunday. I'm in EST but I'm available almost whenever these days, just let me know when works for you.
    8. Alakapimp
      I've subbed out your opponent, your new opponent is -Dragon9
    9. Faladran
      That's alright, just let me know whenever you're ready.
    10. Faladran
      I think I should be available.
    11. Faladran
      Hi Haldar, we're matched up for ST7. I'll probably be able to battle sometime this weekend or later, so let me know if you want to set up a time.
    12. Bluewind
      Ok man he's going.
    13. Cyrrona
      I should be able to--give me like 20 minutes or so!
    14. Hawk Eye
      Hawk Eye
      Hey uhh i'll be on CAP again today as Aokiji.. are you on now?
    15. Hawk Eye
      Hawk Eye
      yo im on cap as Aokiji challenge if you're on
    16. Cristal
      kael est sur CAP
    17. Haldar

      J'avais justement PM Kael mais sans answer.

      J'essaierai d'être là vers 17:00 GMT vendredi mais bon, faut que je vois '-'
    18. Cristal
      I'm free Friday from 2:00 PM to 00:00 GMT+2, and even maybe until Smogon Tour
      Could it work?

      Yes, and call your team mates, my whole team will be on by like hours before friday smogon tour"
    19. Cristal
      Je propose "Les carottes sont cuites" ou encore "La nuit porte sommeil", nom de team à débattre lundi à mon retour ;)
    20. Haldar
      Salut ^^

      C'est bien TruncksRDT et non TRUNCKS tout court. Donc non, ce n'est pas toi ^^"
    21. TRUNCKS
      Coucou ^^

      J'aurais aimé savoir si c'est moi qui doit jouer ou nous sommes plusieurs à avoir le même pseudo ?

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