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Apr 16, 2012
Apr 24, 2009
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from excuse me, i'm busy sweeping

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Apr 16, 2012
    1. LastKing
    2. labarith
      Oh, I always have a project. :P The most notable ones now are filling in gaps in my collection. Wide Guard F Swampert, maybe a couple F Typhlosions w/ the right HPs, and - of course - a few DW females I need done up. You know, the typical tier 1 stuff mixed with the normal oddball stuff.
    3. CrownEntei
      No, but thank you!
      I checked again and youd have to be more lucky, than you can be, to get this Pokemon, by accident. I remember reading something like not emulator abused, but its gone.
    4. labarith
      Good to see you back!

      Are you free to do some RNG BPs?
    5. CrownEntei
      Hi :)
      Did I get this right? Your shiny Giratina was catched without abusing the RNG? You catched it just by accident?
    6. RockinX
      Don't feel bad. Next time just try not to let the other guy set up twice. The sleep counter resets every time the poké is sent out, so you had at least two turns of sleep.

      I'm amazed that the Dragonite survived that, though.
    7. Cozyy
    8. RockinX
      See you on.
    9. Tepig
      Heracross for the win
    10. Dracomaster
      Ok, I will choose the Moxie gyarados and the Careful Mandibuzz.

      Let me know when you will be able to trade.
    11. ooh_shiny
      Yeah it was pretty even. I only RNG'd 2 pokemon on my team because no one really uses gorebyss and mixed dragonite
    12. ooh_shiny
      Oh wow, it was a close match! My conkelldurr only had 1 hp after that extremespeed.
    13. religiousjedi
      It wouldn't have mattered, if you went with the OU set. After Growth, it was an easy KO. Wish he had woken up for that Flamethrower though.
    14. religiousjedi
      Oh my goodness...what an awesome match! I thought I was screwed when you were at +2 Speed...
    15. Dracomaster
      So if I got this trade right:

      Your Adamant Samurott, Jolly Moxie Gyarados, and Careful Mandibuzz for my Arcanine, Ninjask, and Cresselia.

      I had gotten a DW Pika in a different trade, so I substituted the Gyarados and Samurott for it.
    16. pokekazzam
      And meant to say ice shard too
    17. pokekazzam
      Meant to say donphan lol
    18. pokekazzam
      So sorry I feel bad about that crit on dnite but i think I coulda gone into dolphin and ice wharves to kill it anyway ut GG man! Glad to see another person who uses a sun team :)
    19. Palu
      Hi. I was wondering if you were still interested in trading your DW slopoke for my cacnea. If so, please let me know when a good time to trade would be.
    20. Woorie7
      wow magic bounce is so good..
      gg man
    21. Victini
      I'll think about it.
    22. rexxsix
      I post cause I don't wanna battle you and I just got on
    23. Victini
      can you do a CP in 4G?
    24. rexxsix
      it just happens? I just got on here so chill
    25. Dracomaster
      Hi I was wondering if I can change the DW Pichu from our trade agreement to these two pokes:

      SHINY DREAM WORLD Gyarados - Male
      (OT- HARISON, ID- 39690)
      Jolly - MOXIE !!!
      No Item
      IV's: 31 / 31 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31
      EV's: None yet
      NO REDISTRIBUTION !!!!!!!!!
      Egg Received : Hatched @ Dragonspiral Tower
      No Notable Moves
      Availability: UT @ lvl 1, EVD SOON

      ★ SHINY Samurott - Male
      (OT - HARISON, ID - 39690)
      Adamant - Torrent
      IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 17 / 31 / 31
      Hidden Power: N/A
      EVs: 254 HP_ 252 ATK_ 4 SPEED
      Egg Received: Hatched @ Challenger's Cave
      Special Moves: Egg: NIGHT SLASH !! also Megahorn and Encore +Aqua Jet
      Pokemon's Availabilty: UT @ lvl 16, Evd @ lvl 36 (100 soon)
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    excuse me, i'm busy sweeping
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