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Head Honchkrow
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May 4, 2017
Nov 14, 2009
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Head Honchkrow

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May 4, 2017
    1. EonADS

      After way too long, I've finally surpassed myself again. Take a look in the BF Records Thread.
    2. Head Honchkrow
      Head Honchkrow
      I'm glad someone liked it.

      What's the best way to handle Machamp leads? Switch to Jirachi to absorb the Ice Punch and hope to stall it out with Iron Head?
    3. EonADS
      It's so idiosyncratic.

      It was so hilarous. I literally rofl'ed for about five minutes.
    4. EonADS
      Yeah, that's true. Lol @ Fan Rotom being part flying with Levitate, lololol.

      It was a while, huh? Lol, I'm going through our old conversation on Serebii and laughing my ass off at the PedoBlaine you created.
    5. EonADS
      Yeah, but maybe Electric-Water with Levitate for Wash Rotom will find its niche. Lanturn just became bottom-teir NU overnight, lol.

      Huh, I didn't notice. And people respond to skill. You had tons of it, and you laid the foundation for so much in IGRMT, not to mention you're the creator of the BT team building guide.
    6. EonADS
      Haha, I've done a few of those. Yeah, it's a shame they changed his formes typing in Gen 5.

      Since your last post on there, lol.
    7. EonADS
      Usually, going with the original plan is always best. Lol, trolling less experienced players. If he does that, just switch to Rotom or use Sleep Powder on Scizor before switching.

      Lol, saw your post on Serebii. How many months does that make?
    8. EonADS
      I'd say going with the original plan is best. The cookie cutter team if fodder for that team. Also, Ninjask is just setup bait for Roserade. Toxic Spikes totally ruins Baton Pass chains.
    9. Head Honchkrow
      Head Honchkrow
      Silly mistake.
    10. EonADS
      Hah, perfect.

      Sorry about not answering earlier. I'd say just go with the original plan, just with a Lax nature.
    11. EonADS
      I guess, it's usable. It's just not really a Toxic Spikes loving Pokemon.

      Yeah, Jirachi generally prefers offense to defense, unless you're talking Bulky CM.

      Ah, ok. I thought it was a problem.
    12. EonADS
      I see, so it's SkarmBliss together that you can't quite break. Sounds about right.

      That's pretty standard, but it's not a great set for this team. I recommend 80 Hp / 252 Atk / 176 Spe Jolly, with a moveset of Iron Head, Fire Punch, U-Turn, and Wish. That'll help with your problem, it can at least seriously damage Blissey and Skarmory more. Also, Iron Head is the only thing you should be doing stalling with, to increase the damage of Toxic Spikes.

      Oh yeah, Gengar usually won't switch out on Jolteon for two reasons. One, usually they don't have a Pokemon that resists both Ghost and Electric, and two, they're probably hoping to revenge it quickly. Also, Charge Beam is a common move to use on Gengar, and a lot of people know that.

      It wasn't bad, I got some good things, like a new Xbox 360 to replace my old crappy one that has died more times that I can count on both hands.
    13. EonADS
      Blissey shouldn't be a problem for this team, I don't have a clue why it is. Toxic Spikes should render all but the Cleric variant useless. It's not making sense to me :/

      Wait... what are you running for Jirachi? What's its moveset?
    14. EonADS
      Told you, Toxic Spikes rules the meta now that Dragon/Steel teams are on the out after the Mence ban. And I love Charge Beam Jolteon, it's so godly once its counters have been stymied.
    15. EonADS
      I agree, this almost looks better than my team that I'll be posting for my birthday :)
      Good luck with your battles, and have a happy birthday.

      Oh, and are you following the 5th gen shitstorm?
    16. EonADS
      If you're aiming for a physical sweeper, Bulky DD Nite works the best with Toxic Spikes support. I'm sure you don't need much explanation on that one.
    17. EonADS
      Yeah, getting another would be a huge help with all of that. Maybe, I guess you could, but then you'd know their teams. Well, it depends on what else you're using, and what you want your opponent to believe it can do. If you're not concerned, then it doesn't really matter. Yeah, you would want LO Jolt in that case. Yeah, SR on Swampert is key to hit Pokemon that fly or Levitate.

      Any ideas for that last slot?
    18. EonADS
      I don't think it does, but meh. Charge Beam Rotom's main use in the team is its synergy and ability to set up on a lot of things, so Spin Blocking is just a fringe benefit. Even if you can't get a legit one, legal hacks wouldn't be too bad, right? I know you have an AR. The big thing about Flinchhax Jirachi is that it's one of the most potent Toxic Stallers in the game. Steadily increasing poison damge + Flinch hax + Damage from Iron Head = KO Pokemon like Snorlax with ease. I'd actually go with LO Jolt, SpecsJolt is really quite limited, and he doesn't really appreciate entry hazzards as much as LO Jolt does. Lol, team of Gengar.

      Oh yeah, because everyone wants to go to prison, amiryte?
    19. EonADS
      Yeah, I figured. I was just suggesting that since it really works well. And lol, both of my most recent teams use Roserade as a lead. I suggest Roserade as lead, Flinchhax Jirachi with Wish, the standard wall Swampert, and either Spiritomb or Charge Beam Rotom as a spin blocker. The last two slots are going to be mostly filler.

      Haha, what a coincidence. I guess, although besides voting, it's not really much to celebrate. Ah well, there's always 21.
    20. EonADS
      I'd be glad to. What teir would this be for, OU? If so, the current OU metagame is becoming dominated by stall and semi-stall, particularly teams aided by Toxic Spikes.

      And lol, I turn 18 in four days. Happy early birthday :)
    21. EonADS
      Hey, it has been a while, hasn't it? And sure, fire away.
    22. EonADS
    23. EonADS
      Yes, with my Drapion team. I'm going to be the only person on the list with more than 300, but less than 400.

      I might try it out one of these days.
    24. EonADS
      Yeah, I've been doing somewhat the same, although I still have made time for the BT. I've since past your streak, again xD
      Oh, the Nuzlocke Challenge? Sounds like fun.
    25. EonADS
      Haven't seen you around here in ages, Honch ;)

      Get any farther in the BT?
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