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Jun 28, 2010
Mar 16, 2009
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    1. apologies
      hi your signature is SOOO funny!!! thanks for making me laugh every time i read one of your posts! you sound so conceited!
    2. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      Dour I can't procreate with you or give you my babies because... I eat my young ;-;
    3. Enygma
      Just wanted to know, Dour, who banned me? (A)
    4. PurpleWeezing
      eh, not sure whether i can do it due to school (exams atm)
    5. Enygma
      hmmm. where are your admin powers now, Dour? or should i call you Brad here since i dont have to respect you and call you by your display name here?!

      jkjkjkjkjkjk. luffs you Dour <3 (LLL)
    6. Blue_Blur
      A place where Dour has no power over me =O
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    Admin of Marriland Forums. Creator of Main Event. Co-ordinater of The Results Tourney. Founder of Valthors. Leader of Big Guns.
    The above are roles I have & a few things defining how I spend some of my online time. They are NOT invitations to join or partake. Thank you.


    Perth, Western Australia
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