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Mar 17, 2017
Apr 25, 2010
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Apr 3, 1996 (Age: 20)
New Jersey


20, from New Jersey

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Mar 17, 2017
    1. Quint_
      Hey man, We are paired for Smogon VGC 17 R6
      When can you battle?
      I'm GMT+1 and will be able to fight pretty much every evening/night
    2. Erza98
      Yo, I'm your tutee for the Round 88 of Battling 101. I'm from France and then am GMT +2 so our timezones absolutely don't match. I'm available from 1PM to 1AM of my time but I can adjust my disponibilites as long as you want me to. Just let me know when you'll be available on Showdown to meet. You can also add me on Skype if you'd rather speak there, my username being the same than here.
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      2. Human
        Sounds good, I'll be on as Hebrew Hammer on Pokemon Showdown
        Aug 28, 2014
      3. Erza98
        You finally didn't come, I've been waiting for nothing until 3 AM... When would you be available ..?
        Aug 29, 2014
      4. Human
        I am so bad at this, there just keep being things that come up and I'm not used to college. I am so sorry.

        I really don't know what to do, if you want I can probably write up a master post with VGC things, meeting up is really hard because things keep coming up out of nowhere.
        Aug 31, 2014
    3. TheGreatNicky
      Hey, I'm your tutee for this round of Battling 101. I'm from MA, so we should have the same time zone, and I can be free Monday through Thursday any day after 5 PM, I I'll probably be free Friday/Weekends too, but my weekday schedule stays consistent. Let me know when a good time for you to help me would be. As a warning, I'm a total newbie.
      1. Human
        I'm actually in Israel right now and I'll be back in the EST time zone from the 8th onwards. Weekends are probably going to be good for me, meaning at some point this Sunday I can probably be free.
        Aug 1, 2014
    4. The Sinful Bird
      The Sinful Bird
      Hi Human, I'm your tutee for this round of Battling 101. We're both in NJ, so the time zones match up. When are you available to be on Showdown?
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      2. The Sinful Bird
        The Sinful Bird
        Ok, sorry about that. Then I guess I'll see you after Monday! Thanks for replying!
        May 11, 2014
      3. The Sinful Bird
        The Sinful Bird
        Ok, are you free soon? When are you available?
        May 14, 2014
      4. The Sinful Bird
        The Sinful Bird
        The month's almost over, and we haven't even talked once. Is there any chance that we can get in a lesson or two before the session ends?
        May 20, 2014
    5. Furai
      אתה קטלני שתדע
    6. Lady Salamence
    7. tml
      happy day
    8. cbt
      happy birthday!
    9. faint
      hbd human!
    10. R Inanimate
      R Inanimate
      We're battling on Week 1 of SPL. Name your time and place. Good Luck
    11. Wildfire
      Are you going to Philly?
    12. Holo386
      Thank u when can u start
    13. Holo386
      Hey can u tutor me for vgc 2013
    14. Wildfire
    15. Wildfire
      Newer version of PO I'm guessing?
    16. Wildfire
      Is the skarmbliss server shut down?
    17. Werecario
      Disregard my last message, I got it done elsewhere. Thanks anyway!
    18. NathanTea
      I have RNG'd a perfect ditto and Zapdos. I named the ditto after you because it was my first successful RNG in 4th gen. You are amazing!!!!!!!!

      You gotta show me how to get on that IRC shit later so you can tutor me!
    19. NathanTea
      Free to Skype right now?
    20. NathanTea
      Hello Human, what time is it for you?
    21. NathanTea
      Okay I'll be making an account now.
    22. NathanTea
      Hey you're online shall I get on Skype now? Is it a good time?
    23. NathanTea
      I am online Mr.Human let me know when you're on if you log on. I'm going to make some food then make a Skype account.
    24. NathanTea
      Human my friend I have a pokemon with pokerus in my soul silver. Where should we talk?
    25. pokemaster649
      Thanks man :)
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    Apr 3, 1996 (Age: 20)
    New Jersey
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