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Jul 17, 2017
Aug 19, 2010
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Igirisu Prefecture


from Igirisu Prefecture

Surprisingly many people seemingly don't get the irony of asking approval for a manifesto critical of mod powers. Also, TAONU still exists! Oct 24, 2015

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Jul 17, 2017
    1. Panther-T
      Can you teach me how to write a manifesto??
    2. ebeast
      So, did you ever watch Boku no Pico
    3. Cheryl.
    4. KidSafeShark
      So my girlfriend's ex walked up to my door and rang the doorbell.
      1. KidSafeShark
        I opened it up and welcomed him inside. We had a long conversation about Moses and leading the people of Israel to the Promise Land. Eventually it got time for him to leave but he didn't, so his roommate called and asked where he was and he told him he was in the middle of a deep conversation about Moses and leading the people of Israel to the promise land. He replied "oh that sounds like a really nice conversation, I think I'll come over and join". By the time he showed up it was about 1 AM and we had been talking since about 4 PM. We talked through the night about how corrupt the ancient Egyptian government was and how it was essentially Nazi Germany for the Israelites. That morning around 7 AM my girlfriend showed up and asked why her ex was sitting with me and his roommate in our dining room. We briefed her on what we had discussed on the story of Moses and she began to talk with us. Eventually her ex's roommate abruptly and disrespectfully changed the subject to something about how since my girlfriend showed up at 7 AM she had obviously slept with some other guy, although we immediately hushed him because the story of Moses was much more important for the situation.
        Nov 4, 2015
      2. KidSafeShark
        We finished the day talking about how the 10 plagues set on Egypt could've potentially wiped out the planet, and the next day about how around the same time ancient Japan and the ninja warriors were beginning to rise and why they had nothing to do with Moses or the Bible because they were so cool. Eventually after that day the man my girlfriend slept with three nights prior showed up at our door. It turns out this man was Moses. As soon as we discovered he was me and my girlfriend's ex fell asleep from exhaustion, so my girlfriend, her ex's roommate, and Moses loaded us into Moses's van. Moses drove us to the promise land where we lived happily ever after. Amen
        Nov 4, 2015
    5. Luigi
      you are incredibly eloquent for an idiot
    6. HuntSaboteur
      Surprisingly many people seemingly don't get the irony of asking approval for a manifesto critical of mod powers. Also, TAONU still exists!
      1. Martin
        That thread spoke to me
        Oct 24, 2015
    7. Ullar
      Ftr, Firebot mighta been a better place to post that

      But I feel ya, Smogon hastened my suicide attempts during teen years. I'm glad I got over it tho
    8. soviet
    9. TROP
    10. ebeast
      1. Aurora
        da da da
        Oct 25, 2015
    11. atomicllamas
      Hey, I was in the middle of responding to your thread when it got moved and locked (which it should have). But just FYI, everything you put in the suspect section is already being done or wrong. Suspect testing is done democratically and has been as long as I've been on the site (2013).
      1. atomicllamas
        The council decides something is suspect worthy and then anyone can qualify and vote by laddering to meet the reqs. On top of this what you said about councils is just straight up wrong, people are usually picked because they perform well in tournaments and have good forum presence, or because they are on the QC team and play a lot in order to test sets. Its pretty presumptuous to assume council players don't play, not to mention playing more doesn't equate to a better meta game knowledge, playing higher quality games does (the ladder is shitty and hasn't been good since 2012). The parts about C&C and moderation are also both unrealistic and unnecessary, and I can give you my thoughts on why if you want me to. But in the future please learn a little bit more about the policy points you post about (democratic voting and how councils are chosen), thanks.
        Oct 23, 2015
      2. phantom
        Oct 23, 2015
      3. phantom
    12. HuntSaboteur
      No, seriously, I can make full sentences now.
    13. BattleStar
      Yeah, join sheer cold forums
      And we can talk.
    14. HuntSaboteur
      ...is anyone there?
    15. TyranitarTerror
      Battle Arena Brain Selection Tournament

      Sign up for the Arena Tournament (UU) to become our newest Brain! There will be a cap at 8 people for this Tournament, however, spread the word and we will aim for 16. So sign up now!

      Let's keep this going!
    16. TyranitarTerror
      Battle Tower Brain Selection Tournament

      It is time to start rebuilding this group. In fact, I will soon begin work on a project to add new members to this group, but I would like to establish the Brains before I do that. I would like to select the Brains from the distinguished Alumni of this group: all of you.
      Sign up for the Tower Tournament (OU) to become our premier Brain! There will be a cap at 8 people for this Tournament. So sign up now!

      Let's rebuild this group!
    17. TyranitarTerror
      Frontier Member,

      You are a member of the TRC Battle Frontier and have been active within the last 24 hours. You are getting this notification because there is a Roll Call now posted in the Frontier Forums. Please signify your presense in some way.
      Also, since it has been a long time since the Frontier has been active I have revamped the group and we will need to reselect Brains. There is an OU Tournament that you should sign up for. If you win, you will be given the title Tower Master and be the first Brain in the Frontier.
      Also, if you have not yet signed up in the sign-up thread do so immediately.

      Let's get this group going again!
    18. BattleStar
      Best of luck! Hope to see you around!
    19. Muffinlander
      hello! come back!
    20. tikidude
      Yo guy, be active in TRC. People want you back there.
    21. shnen
      it's been a while, how are you
    22. BattleStar
    23. BattleStar
    24. ebeast
      I assume you enjoyed boku no pico.

      1. TROP likes this.
    25. ss234
      dis is you
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    “They represented what people called the 'international community'. And like all uses of the word 'community', you were never quite sure what or who it was.”

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