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Mar 19, 2010
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    1. Django
      Any chance we could play those finals? :o
    2. Django
      Hey when would you like to play for the offstat finals? I'm GMT +0, just give me a time when you're available
    3. Pocket
      Husky, are you too busy to finish off OU Garchomp? This is an important Pokemon, and having no analysis on-site looks bad. If you can't work on this in a timely manner, we need to know, so we can re-assign this to someone who can finish the job.
    4. Oglemi
      Please get Garchomp done asap
    5. Oglemi
      hey you need to implement sirn's GP check on Garchomp, please do so asap
    6. FLCL
      i have voice, so i'm on the top of the list. what is your alt?
    7. FLCL
      sorry for not showing up at our scheduled time, just woke up. i'll be on ps as "watashi" for the next two hours.
    8. FLCL
    9. Elite 4 Maverick
      Elite 4 Maverick
      Cool. Online, and ready when you are.
    10. Elite 4 Maverick
      Elite 4 Maverick
      Sounds good. I'll be on in about an hour and a half, if that works for you.
    11. Elite 4 Maverick
      Elite 4 Maverick
      Hey Husky, I got subbed into OST 9. Now I'm your opponent. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone. Are you able to play this weekend?
    12. Finchinator
      I will be on in-with the next 10-20 minutes
    13. Finchinator
      For a few complicated IRL reasons, I won't be able to play in this tour for a long time. I think i the third round, I'd have to leave.
      Furthermore, I'm pretty much forfeiting our match.
      If you'd still like to plat, I'm up for it, if not, post I was unable to participate due to IRL reasons and I'll confirm.
    14. Finchinator
      Online v2
      Groudons Grotto Server
      (Back-Up server would be Pokemon Online Server)
      VM me when you can play friday, I'll do the same to you
    15. Finchinator
      Friday, 10pm (ish) your time will work for me.
      PokemonShowdown or PokemonOnline?
    16. Finchinator
      Hey. We have to battle for R1 of ST9
      I am GMT -5 (EST USA) and am pretty flexible.
      Until Friday, I am available on Pokemon Online from 5PM to 10PM, my time. However, if you need to battle, I can migrate to Showdown although PO is easier.
      Over the weekend, I can go practically all day.
      Please VM me your times, where you can battle, etc.
      Neutral Luck to both of us and lets not 'john' and get this over-with.
    17. Woodchuck
      i have never had any contact with you up until now but seeing your sig i wanted to let you know that you should change "legit hacks" to "legal hacks"! afaik the definition of legit is "not hacked". lol
      have a nice day~
    18. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      Bes time to play for me would be during the week. Ill tryto stay on ps and im usyally on from 10am to 3 pm gmt -8 if you can make that.
    19. Living Things
      Living Things
      ok i'm now on PS! and ready to play the games.
    20. Jukain
      yo if you read this within around 6 hours of me posting it I should be on and we can play
    21. Living Things
      Living Things
      i could play at 8 or 9 PM on saturday, does that work for you?
    22. Living Things
      Living Things
      hey we have to play for the offstat, when are you able to play? My Timezone is GMT+1.
    23. Jukain
      nope, i'm gonna be away. can you play thursday?
    24. Friar
    25. V17
      hey I apologize for the inactivity, good luck further on in the tournament though
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