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Ice-cold Claws
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Aug 31, 2015 at 11:26 PM
Oct 10, 2010
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Ice-cold Claws

from Singapore

Ice-cold Claws was last seen:
Viewing thread XY Sprite Project (read 1st post): Pixel Perfect, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:26 PM
    1. Snaquaza
      Do you still know the old group of Let's Make a Game Together? We've continued at new forums, but those aren't very advanced yet, but it would be extremely helpful if you could help with spriting as we are really in need of a good spriter like you!

      Greets ~Snaquaza
      1. Ice-cold Claws
        Ice-cold Claws
        Hey, Snaquaza.
        I'm aware that the project's been continued in new forums, and I'm also aware that I've made commitments to the project before.
        Unfortunately - and I'm very sorry to say this - I also have more pressing commitments to keep to IRL, and so I don't really want to commit myself to any online projects for the moment.
        My deepest apologies. Best of luck to the project.
        Nov 11, 2013
      2. Snaquaza
        It's OK, I get that IRL stuff has priority, but you're always welcome

        See you later :)

        Nov 11, 2013
    2. Layell
      you do what you want with sprites bro, I let you do that bro.
      1. Ice-cold Claws
        Ice-cold Claws
        Thanks a bunch, Layell.
        At any point if you have any objections with my QC, just tell me, I'm fine with it.
        Nov 2, 2013
    3. sadoldpoygon22
      1. Snaquaza
        good get-back going sadold :/
        Aug 1, 2013
      2. sadoldpoygon22
        y u do :/?
        Aug 4, 2013
    4. Snaquaza
      could you try to make some sprites, if yes then I'll be very happy :)

      Edit: do you know any other good sportier?
    5. Snaquaza
      thnx and don't worry about the delay

      I am just so glad that you finally joined the group :D
    6. Snaquaza
      Welcome to my group Let's make a game together

      We all hope you'll be active and we really need artists badly

      Greets Snaquaza

      PS: I've gotten some congratulations about getting you in, so yeah anyway, you are an amazing spriter :)
    7. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      maybe. Idk, I think that your sprite was perfect, utterly perfect, and its great you won that poll. I was trying to be too realistic with my sprite and that would have weighed me down alot in the polls.
    8. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      two people are definitely quite a few. Idk, I wasnt feeling it, I just kinda said "im not gonna win" and gave up. I seem to be doing that quite a bit lately...
    9. Professor Shroomish
    10. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      I'm so excited, I'm writing a Pokedex entry! Hahaha.
    11. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      More yay Aurumoth :D
    12. Professor Shroomish
    13. DittoCrow
      I love your Aurumoth sprite!
    14. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      the reason people arent commenting on mine is because of the obvious volcarona similarities, which honestly werent intended. Right now, yours has to be one of my favorites, ill definitly be rooting for you to win this bro! Go out there and kick some ass!
    15. RitterCat
    16. Matrulez25
      lol fair enough!
    17. Matrulez25
      hey dude long time no speak :)?
    18. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      yeah, i looked that up afterwards. I would have been fine with either yours or elementalpenguin's.
    19. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      yeah. i slightly over reacted in my frustration. djd's sprite isnt bad, it just doesnt fit. mine didnt fit 5th gen either, but I hope everything turns out right with wyverii winning. i was sorely butthurt by the low score of both me and quan...

      did you win nocturn's sprite?
    20. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      well i just found out that i did shitty. Idk, i cant make a favorable sprite. how did Djd's sprite win over mine? And quans? Its not so much of bandwagon, as it is "this person is well known ill vote for him" people dont judge by quality of the sprite. it should only be open for artists to vote.
    21. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      lets hope! I personally like Wyverii's, and out of the 4, I kinda hope he wins :p
    22. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      thanks man. I was bummed when i saw yours didnt make it. :(
    23. Layell
      no just this one really sucked and I didn't feel very inspired by it.
    24. Layell
      I was going to make a sprite for the French WSC but then I saw yours and I am not even going to bother.
    25. Mushroomist
      No problem! So yeah, welcome to the clan, if you want you can introduce yourself in the 'Welcome To 'The Pokedex Holders'' discussion, and I will add you to the ranking and points pages tomorrow. hope you have fun! :D
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