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Im M3
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Apr 30, 2015
Dec 1, 2011
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Im M3

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Apr 30, 2015
    1. Tatertot
    2. Psiiionic
      Hey M3 may I have your permission to use pieces of your Emerald guide in a guide I am making :)
    3. Captains
      Hey could I spend some credits on Foretress, Togekiss and Aerodactyl please??
    4. Psiiionic
      Gen 3 Breeds : Hey Im M3 found something that always changed the breeds back to No Splits for me , when you are only hitting alternate spreads I open the Pokegear call Dad, walk to another spot around the old guy with the egg, and then save and proceed to soft reset for IVs. It helps me because saving and doing something in game wasn't doing anything, also my spread was going to alternate when the Trainers called me back on their own for subsequent soft resets so I just did the thing with calling Dad again and it fixed. I know its not much but hope you can test this out. Maybe you can add this to your guide if its true all the time.
    5. Psiiionic
    6. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      CMT for your BCC Scizor. Can you nickname the adamant one?
    7. Shii
      Hey! When would you like to trade for Ho-Oh and Lugia?
    8. Auron87
      What are you looking for for the Togepi? It really is one I have been looking for.
    9. Auron87
    10. Auron87
      Quick question, are we allowed to post in your trade thread with Zari?
    11. zero2exe
      Well all that's actually left is getting to the battle frontier. Yeah I'll upload it to mediafire later.
    12. zero2exe
      Ok just beat E4. Should I leave it there so you can pick the lati twin?
    13. zero2exe
      I'm sorry I've been so slow. I only have to beat the Elite 4 but since I have only 2 lvl 50 mons I was thinking about grinding a 3rd one and finish the game. I think I'll have it ready by saturday if it works for you.
    14. Psiiionic
      Just wanted to tell you thanks for that helpful 3rd Gen guide, got my Ditto in Emerald today with 31/4/31/17/30/30 thanks, gonna go breed it with Chansey now :)
    15. goodluck03
      Hi M3 you know how to rng for a Sid on Emerald emulator? I need some help with my SID.
    16. Sherkel
      The cry always plays, but the timing of it will tell you if you'll hit a seed within you more common ranges.
    17. Sherkel
      The 3.35 was found by counting frames in VBA and testing button presses before and after.
    18. Sherkel
      Basically, you'll want to set a custom timer in EonTimer with the following timings:
      1. ~3 sec (you'll SR at the end of this)
      2. 3.35 sec (you'll hit L+A+L+A at the end of this)
      If Charizard/Venusaur's cry plays any time after during the title screen music begins, don't bother checking the seed. They'll be more constant when you get the timing just right. You obviously need to set L=A, but seeing as this allows for faster button mashing, the game will not register L+A+L or A+L+A as three presses if you're doing it at an adequate speed. A+A+A (or L+L+L) is not recommended because it's simply harder to pull off with perfect timing.
    19. Captains
      Actually I don't need Zen Headbutt or Gravity! :D
    20. Captains
      Can't trade 4th Gen you mean? So 5th Gen? If you can't trade 4th Gen can you do even more and tutor it Ice Punch? xD Lets call it 2 credits if you normally take 2. =)
    21. Sherkel
      You needed a LeafGreen save?
      Based on what you've done before I'm assuming you want to try retail cart RNG. If you decide to go through with it I can offer some advice, but keep in mind I haven't been able to pull off a project yet.
    22. Captains
      Thats great! So a credit for that? Would you also nickname it: MegaMan II

      The II is from two capital i's, and dont forget the space between MegaMan and the II, I can take it Gen4 if thats convinent?
    23. Captains
      It won't be shiny. And I won't want a Tutored move probably. How much would this cost?

      Metagross (Non-Shiny)
    24. Captains
      How many credits would you ask for per 3rd Generation BP? =)
    25. Captains
      Just check it's correct and stuff. =)
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