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Aug 3, 2015
Jul 9, 2011
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from Mewtwo used Hypnosis!? Impossible!

going on a long hiatus, maybe quitting. Aug 3, 2015

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Aug 3, 2015
    1. Muk
    2. AlphaWolf
      Sorry for my delay. My original "deadline" was due to me being in hospital, so I've been offline for a couple of days. Please message me again and I will endeavour to find a time suitable for the pair of us! :) (I should be free all weekend since I'm not allowed out after my operation :P)
    3. Muk
      Let me know when you want the Relicanth.
    4. TheMantyke
      Enjoy! Kick some ass with them at your regional!
    5. TheMantyke
      Alright, online and ready with your stuff.
    6. TheMantyke
      Alright, your Pokemon are ready. I'll be online soon!
    7. TheMantyke
      Sure! When would you like to pick them up?
    8. Darkpenguin67
      Change of plans, could we do it a half hour or so earlier?
    9. TheMantyke
      Hi! In response to your post, I'd be happy to send the three Pokemon you requested over. You mentioned you wanted nicknames on a few of them. What would you like them named?
    10. Vulgo
      Yeah i guess xD What do you need? :3
    11. Darkpenguin67
      I probably will be able to.
    12. Darkpenguin67
      Hey it looks like you subbed in for my opponent in the VGC tournament. Please contact me with a time we can battle
    13. frogoholic101
      sorry, I've already got one now, but thanks for the offer :)
    14. StreetPunkism
      I need a good 5th gen competitive team based around a naughty nature emboar! Any good advice, links? I wont need it until a new gen 5 game comes out! TAL
    15. hockeyguy605
      Ok. I'll type up what I need now.

      Sent you a PM.
    16. hockeyguy605
      I know. I just didn't want to ask you because you've done a lot of stuff for me already, and I have some credits to use up from other people.

      However, they haven't responded in a while, so if you can EV today, that'd be great.
    17. Luxpluff91
      Sorry Impact, not right now. I'm checking some things on my thread
    18. Luxpluff91
      Whenever you see me online, bro!
    19. Im M3
      Im M3
      So NN would be KK. Ok. And I can tutor those moves, if your OK with hacked BPs. And I can't trade so soon, because I need another Emerald cart to tutor my pokes. So until I get one I can't trade it.
    20. Ninjawes
      Tell you what. I just figured out the I have wed. to friday off this week so I will see if I have time then. I would prefer to do it on an emulator, ya.
    21. Ninjawes
      Hey there! Sorry for the delay, but I really just do not have anytime at all to work on the poke for you :/ If you can find someone else to do it that would be great. And since this has been such a trouble for you, I would like to give you 2 pokes from my trade thread :)
    22. BattleStar
    23. Muk
    24. Muk
      sorry about that, my cat has been throwing up for the past half hour or so lol. getting on now
    25. Muk

      do you want it nicknamed "Beedrill"? if so, i'd have to use a re-nickname anything AR code
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