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inanimate blob
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Feb 5, 2014
May 31, 2011
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does this look like the face of mercy

inanimate blob

Male, from does this look like the face of mercy

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Feb 5, 2014
    1. Reymedy
      yes the deadline is the next week, but I want it to be done as soon as possible, I'm a little tired trying to contact people to play, I'm on PS right now under the nick "RemedyJoestar". So come and get it done please.
    2. Reymedy
      I don't understand, you're online, you don't see all these notifications or are you ignoring them on purpose ??
    3. Reymedy
      Seriously you're on, and I see you watch the threads since like 1-2hours... come and play.
    4. Reymedy
      Tell me your nickname on showdown something, come on I'm waiting and I don't have much time.
    5. Reymedy
      go play finally?
    6. Reymedy
      the last message was the 30th.

      So we need to schedule for this week.. same as before I'm up from 9PM to 2AM the week, and all Week end.
    7. Reymedy
      Well, I have some issues this week-end.

      I'll be up TONIGHT my time GMT+1 from 5PM to 2AM.
      And I'm only back around 3PM on Sunday.. so we could also play on Sunday between 3PM to 2AM my time.

      I'm too lazy to check the hours, basically just add 6 hours to get your time from mine.
    8. Espeon65
      Yeah, it actually shouldn't be impossible... Mime. Jr. learns every single move Mr. Mime learns and at the same level, and most of gardenia's tream is Posion, so it should be do-able.
    9. Espeon65
      You need an Odd Incense to get a Mime Jr. rather than a Mr. Mime, and the only one is HG is in Cerulean Cave, and I'm not gonna beat everything all over again just for one item. Sorry, it might be caught in Diamond, traded to HG, then traded back once a new game is started, but there is no way I'm breeding it in HG. I might not even breed for one, just catch it in my playthrough.
    10. Espeon65
      I guess I can...I hadn't thought of that. Okay, honestly that will make it easier, since Mimi can solo gardenia to evolve then Maylene to stop using only psychic attacks.
    11. Espeon65
      Umm okay? But how do I trade from Diamond to Diamond?
    12. Reymedy
      ahm, god your time means 3 AM to 7 AM here.
      No way I can do it xD

      Let's play the week-end, I'm available pretty much all the time during w-e, tell me when you can be available.
    13. Reymedy
      Hi, we need to play for the Smogon Tournament, I'm GMT+1.
      I'm usually available from 7PM to 2AM (MY TIME).

      Let me know your GMT and when you can play.
      See you.
    14. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Sorry about that. I sort of fell asleep haha

      Going now to fix that
    15. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      You're just out to make that Scramble H***, aren't you? hahaha
    16. Someoneelse
      With my Scramble, I have some questions about Massive:
      Can Turtwig use status moves?
      Can Torterra use non STAB moves and/ or fight in buildings?
    17. Hemp Man
      Hemp Man
      I'm not sure what a Gauntlet of White is, could you explain it to me?
    18. Jimera0
      Good luck on your scramble! And yes, the big post you link to in your signature usually is the best way to do it and actually clogs it up the least. That way all your stuff is in one post instead of having random huge posts stretching every second page :P
    19. Level 51
      Level 51
      woohoo! finally done. gl, btw
    20. shinyskarmory
      Sorry, I'm kinda idea-starved right now. That's why I haven't given any challanges in a while-because I don't want to just throw stuff out there and make somebody put up with it for a whole run.
    21. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Um, just a note: The Togepi is to be named Random. Sorry that I didn't clarify that >_>
    22. Jukain
      I'm just going to make a suggestion and say don't even bother listening to the crappy rates your RMT got. Wait until you see a good rate.
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    does this look like the face of mercy
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