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Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2016 at 2:12 PM
Dec 3, 2011
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San Diego (GMT -8)


Male, from San Diego (GMT -8)

BASED HELIX Feb 17, 2014

AOPSUser was last seen:
Feb 6, 2016 at 2:12 PM
    1. Matezoide
    2. Gale Wing Srock
      Gale Wing Srock
      AOPS, I think you mean Damaging Evasive move in your tourney battle?
      1. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        Hey AOPS, I accidentally closed the PM I sent you for "vs YAS".

        Could you please reply in that, so that I can post my team in it?
        Nov 4, 2015
      2. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        I don't want to start another pm, sorry for bothering you -_-'
        Nov 4, 2015
      3. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        Hey AOPS, I screwed up again >.<

        Can you reply in that convo again, please? I some how managed to lose it two times in a row of clean up 9.9

        Was checking back some pms, and I don't remember clicking on that pm fsr *smh*

        Anyways, thanks for reffing the round so soon <3
        Will order sometime tomorrow, Advance New Years wishes!

        Oh also, I am getting 53 HP remaining on Ninja.
        Dec 26, 2015
    3. Frosty
    4. Ragnarokalex
      Hey, did you send your team to frosty for our matches?
    5. 3KAWAII5U
      What's your aops name
    6. deadfox081
      Bad copy/paste from reffing two of your matches at once while being sick, consider it fixed now
    7. Frosty
      Whimsicott actually has Power Belt instead of Wide Lens (it has Wide Lens as a trap, but drops Power Belt. Blame IAR). If you want to change items, do so in your next post. I will post the next encounter regardless now.
    8. EspyOwner
      Just so you know (no one was tagged) acidphoenix is taking one of our matches.
    9. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      altaria isn't in the examiner's pool for singles for dragon so dw ;)
    10. Yellow Skarmory
      Yellow Skarmory
      actually I want vigoroth to evolve into slaking, so can I ignore the solo Norman's entire gym? or can I make that so I don't have to solo norman, but I have to solo the rest of the gym?
      1. AOPSUser
        Sure, go for it.

        Make sure you go through all of the rooms though.
        Jun 9, 2015
    11. Rainman Legends
      Rainman Legends
      AOPS, in your match vs ED, he used roost, removing flying type so rock blast is only 1.5x effective
      1. waterwarrior
        Beat me to it. I doubt this changes your orders, but if it effects them you're welcome to edit.
        May 28, 2015
      2. AOPSUser
        I'm a derp. :P And no it doesn't change anything.
        May 29, 2015
    12. Gale Wing Srock
      Gale Wing Srock
      AOPS, Sunny Day is active and Hoppip would be faster. I wouldn't be reffing for a couple of days, so feel free to edit your orders if it changes anything. Also sorry for the two turn sleeps.
      1. Gale Wing Srock
        Gale Wing Srock
        AOPS, in your Tourney battle. Poseidon is using Surf instead of Hydro Pump. But you have Hydro Pump mentioned in the sub.
        May 26, 2015
    13. waterwarrior
      Just a reminder that by default Sheer Force has its in-game effect, by turning it on you disabled it. Saying as you said on "just to be sure," pretty sure you mean that you want it off
    14. acidphoenix
      on Battle Hall POST THE QUEUE
    15. Birkal
      Come on IRC :>
      1. Birkal
        Come on IRC :>
        Jan 19, 2015
    16. Its_A_Random
      Yo can you send me your LLAMA team in the event that Leethoof does not get your match up on time so I can seamlessly sub-ref the match without delay? Thanks in advance.
    17. Geodude6
      What was your order before IAR edited the post?
      1. AOPSUser
        sunny day
        Nov 23, 2014
    18. Geodude6
      Order already so I can squash you >:]
    19. Geodude6
      Reminding you that you need to post in our match. It would be quite hypocritical of me to do anything more, so I'm just politely reminding you that you need to post.
    20. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      If I were you I'd Chill as much as possible with Gastrodon ASAP, it might have a chance to go 1v1 with zapdos if you can wear the think down far enough
    21. Tortferngatr
      Sylveon's profile lists Pixilate as locked.

      Because we haven't made Durant's Truant a toggle that also affects opponents...treating it as locked.
    22. Tortferngatr
      I should be on the flashes late tonight. For right now I have work to be doing.
    23. Canis Majoris
      Canis Majoris
      1. AOPSUser
        Wait...what? That...makes no sense whatsoever. >.<

        I'm prolly not gonna fix it either because it's not like this battle matters for anything anyways (except counters) and it's 2 rounds ago.
        Sep 4, 2014
    24. Tortferngatr
      Minor: COTNM I beat with Sigilyph, Blitzle, and IAR bringing 2 Ground-types.
    25. Tortferngatr
      ...wait. Kirlia should have taken way more damage from Heavy Slam round 1 of the flash (it should have 12 BAP against Kirlia, not 8.)
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    My ASB Team HG Scramble <---------------soloed Chuck with Miltank, Karen with Geodude, and Brock with Scyther
    19:59 Chinchou glacier stop bitching
    20:00 Glacier chinchou stop not bitching
    22:00 vonFiedler dle gave the idea
    22:00 vonFiedler I gave the penis
    20:36 AOPSUser instead of being with family/friends, we choose to hang out in #capasb
    20:36 Matezoide >Implying ASB is not your family

    17:23 AOPSUser fort if geo was your mother you'd have been super late
    20:25 Lucy Siebold -> all
    20:26 Lucy goddamn sexy
    20:26 AOPSUser siebold is so unrealistic tho
    20:26 Lucy turns straight men gay
    20:26 AOPSUser he's a guy that can cook


    San Diego (GMT -8)
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    Why would I tell you?
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    0318 7498 8031
    I am who I am.
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