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Jul 27, 2014 at 11:21 PM
Dec 3, 2011
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San Diego (GMT -8)


Male, from San Diego (GMT -8)

BASED HELIX Feb 17, 2014

AOPSUser was last seen:
Jul 27, 2014 at 11:21 PM
    1. Snaquaza
      Btw do you still do stories at your scrambles, I'd like to read how you use that Audino x-x
      1. AOPSUser
        IDK if I will, I haven't done Scrambles for a while.

        Audinos are fun to scramble with though. If I decide not to update I'll definitely tell you how I'm using it. :P
        Jun 22, 2014
      2. Snaquaza
        Thanks :)
        Jun 22, 2014
    2. The Wanderer
    3. Its_A_Random
      Ultra Ball at whom?
    4. Its_A_Random
      Yo only one sub before the boss in your TLR; The changes to the substitution rules were made after your TLR began.
    5. Psyco_Josho
      You should really add a frequency clause to your first sub in the 13v13
      1. AOPSUser
        It's called being too lazy.

        And besides if Birkal wastes the round spamming Double Team he has to order first next round.

        (I'll do it to make you happy :P)
        May 19, 2014
    6. Psyco_Josho
      While not calling DQ yet, I - and probably Birkal - will be very happy if you were to order in our 13v13
    7. Its_A_Random
      Riolu is dead, Eelektrik is not however.
    8. AOPSUser
    9. Maxim
      As per my post in the temporary leaves of absence thread, I might not be able to post on time for my Tourney match. I might be able to, but no guarantees.
    10. starwarsfan
    11. Geodude6
      Would you consider Heavy Slam+Flare Blitz a valid combo?
      1. AOPSUser
        Yes, I would.
        Jan 27, 2014
    12. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      i wish to dive pyroark
    13. Solner
      I love that profile pic. Best representation of dugtrio and toast ever!
    14. Its_A_Random
      Hi, you might want to reorder for TLR. I realised that I completely forgot to factor Own Tempo & that is going to have some pretty big ramifications to your orders. In the process of fixing it as I speak.

      EDIT: It is fixed now. Apologies for the screw up.
    15. Its_A_Random
      Please make a second order for Slowking; Illegal orders is still in force for this TLR.
    16. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum
      any thought on Pain Split in OO?

      if you want I can make a team and test it out this gen and post logs (that might take a bit though because id have to start the team from almost the ground up)
      1. AOPSUser
        Forretress learns Pain Split?

        I'll get around to testing that eventually. But it learns Pain Split? Really?
        Jan 11, 2014
      2. Princess Bubblegum
        Princess Bubblegum
        yes... via heatgold/soulsilver tutor

        why is this a surprise?

        anyway, its really good at beating out opposing Ferrothorns and Skarmorys, as with it you can spin on them all you want and they can't wear it down, although yeah, outside of that it offers little else
        Jan 11, 2014
    17. AOPSUser
    18. AOPSUser
      Delibird broken
    19. Eternal Drifter
      Eternal Drifter
      Could you ref the Raid battle please? I think we're nearly done, anyway.
    20. Flora
      Whenever you finish writing your stuff, just post in Box's thread and it'll be added to the OP. You should see the subforum about now!
    21. reyscarface
      who the fuck are you and why do you keep posting "not consistent unless your name is reyscarface"
      1. AOPSUser
        Your name is always related to hax in some way or other. There's also quite a lot of references.

        As for who I am...who really needs to know that?
        Dec 10, 2013
    22. UllarWarlord
      Heya. Looks like Tauros can't learn Body Slam in 4th-5th gen - would you mind if I subbed it out for Strength?
      1. AOPSUser
        It can't?

        Sure. (IDK why it can't haha)
        Dec 8, 2013
    23. AWailOfATail
      My bad in the STABmons thread. I was mixing it up with Magic Room. Didn't see a real need to post in the actual thread since I had nothing to say. And yea, eerie impulse is useless, but still deserves a BIT of a mention.
    24. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      Please no breeding related posts in UT unless specifically pertaining to availability of competitive strategies. Thank you.
    25. Eternal Drifter
      Eternal Drifter
      I think Engineer edited his post with actions, so you can ref the raid battle when you get the chance. It shouldn't have many calculations in this round, I think.
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    17:44 Birkal I caught a cloyster
    17:44 Birkal what do I naaaaaaaaaaaammmmeee it n___n
    17:44 Birkal I am kind of thinking Vagina
    14:53 Zarator I love AOPSUser when he goes like "Oops I forgot to buy this"
    14:54 Zarator One day he'll say "Oops, I forgot to buy Judgment on Arceus!"


    San Diego (GMT -8)
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    I am who I am.
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