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inanimate blob
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Feb 5, 2014
May 31, 2011
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does this look like the face of mercy

inanimate blob

Male, from does this look like the face of mercy

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Feb 5, 2014
    1. Unoriginal Name
    2. maserato
      Send your mons in for the lc match
    3. Frosty
      Relax. I didn't have the time to check it before.

      I approved of it. Thanks for the help.
    4. yoshinite
      Hi hi hi hi hi!
      Yeah so G6's 9 yr old sister will be in the Nuzlocke Games, but he will post for her.
    5. yoshinite
    6. yoshinite
      I was thinking of doing a dramatic reaping though:( but we could still do it your way and open it for 5 days and then randomly pick who gets in. (And still do the mod delete thing)
    7. Jukain
      badge + app ;)
    8. yoshinite
      blob should we make a signup thread (can be the development thread) and then a main thread for nuzHg? Also I've already decided a dramatic way to decide who will make it out of the signupees.
    9. Jukain
      it's there, I might have forgotten the header.
    10. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      Sure. Inside the Referee Resource thread, there is a hide tag labelled "Referee Compensation." It lists the standard base rewards for each battle size (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.). There's also a part right below that which mentions "KOC Bonus," which you get for all matches that are 4v4 or higher. Basically, it's [# of KOes] / [match size (ie; 1 for singles, 2 for doubles, etc.)]. The Wario Ware match was a 4v4 singles, so it has a base compensation of 9 UC, and since there were 7 KOes in the match, the KO Bonus is 7 / 1 = 7.

      However, there were 3 refs for the course of the match, so the UC has to be split up. The last section of the hide tag gives you two formulas to figure this out:

      [box]Compensation for battles that are Subreffed:

      IF You were not the last referee THEN Payout =

      FLOOR (Standard Counters for that Match * Rounds Reffed / Total Rounds Reffed)

      IF You were the last referee THEN Payout =

      CEILING (Standard Counters for that Match * (Rounds Reffed / Total Rounds Reffed) + KO Bonus if applicable)[/box]
      So, to figure out the rewards, you first need to figure out the number of rounds each ref reffed (and the number of rounds total). In the Wario Ware match, Eternal Drifter reffed 2 rounds, Leethoof reffed 7, and you reffed 4. This means the match had a total of 13 rounds. Now you can figure out the payout like so:

      Eternal Drifter: FLOOR (9 * 2 / 13) = FLOOR (1.384) = 1 UC

      Leethoof: FLOOR (9 * 7 / 13) = FLOOR (4.846) = 4 UC

      inanimate blob: CEILING (9* 4 / 13) + 7 = CEILING (2.769) + 7 = 3 + 7 = 10 UC.

      Hope that helped. If you need clarification or more info, lemme know!
    11. The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      Well, thanks for pointing out that Atheno had a muscle band on (stupid me), but would you mind elaborating on just how it affected your orders last round? Because I'm not seeing it.
    12. Stratos
      Yes, but make it a good post ^_^
    13. yoshinite
      That's ok, Ill find time to do it (but check it over when I'm done)
    14. yoshinite
      Do you have any time to make a sponsor item list? If so, PM it to me.
    15. Matezoide
      Yo, you gonna have to re-order :P
    16. Jukain
      macle said I could do it so I did, sandz was just guessing what was best
    17. Jukain
      I'm including all of the tables on the page.
    18. Glacier Knight
      Glacier Knight
      Looks cool, thanks!
    19. Glacier Knight
      Glacier Knight
      Hey, you should go to the scramble thread and give me a Pokemon :)

      Make a really creative challenge? :P I bet you can do it!
    20. yoshinite
      If you want blob I'm free until 5ish to make the sponsor list. on IRC
    21. Jukain
      Alright, I'm on it. I can create a bunch of tables to display the information.
    22. Jukain
      Alright, tell me exactly which information you want ripped. I assume you just want the shop text, in which case it wouldn't be counted as plagiarism by any regard.
    23. Jukain
      so, for the join avenue + magnemite coil article, would I need to get the information myself in-game or just list the information from whatever serebii source? if the former, I can't really help out, but the latter I can easily do if you provide me with a link.
    24. Houndoomsday
      I put up your match thread; good luck and have fun! :)
    25. yoshinite
      I have asked Jimera0 to provide a tutorial for whatever program that was, so don't be alarmed if he posts (if he agrees to it ofc)
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    does this look like the face of mercy
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