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May 21, 2014
Apr 8, 2009
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Oct 5, 1991 (Age: 25)


25, from Spambitch

Inevitable was last seen:
May 21, 2014
    1. Inevitable
      thanks guys
    2. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    3. Bitterlemon
      Happy Birthday :p
    4. Huy
      i see you on irc enough i think!
    5. Rename Card
    6. Alakapimp
      did you set them all to level 50?
    7. Alakapimp
      I'll be on Smogon under VGC 10 as Alaka.
    8. Alakapimp
      Hey, I'm having connection troubles with my ds, would you be willing do it on po?
    9. Alakapimp
    10. Alakapimp
      Hey, when can you play the Sudden Death tournament game? Weeknights 4:30-10 CST or Sundays are best for me.
    11. Bitterlemon
      Hi :D I need an advice, how do you counter aianto?
    12. Alexa888
      Jayu and Jubilee were due to play tonight, but they couldn't. They keep in regular contact, but they still haven't got it done. Which sucks a bit.
    13. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      What do you mean? I was speaking of effectiveness in terms of battle, not the capturing process (Which has nothing does that have to do with effectivness in battle).

      Now, I said I FEEL it takes away from it's effectiveness of torkal, I didn't not say it's useless. It nerfs explosion a great asset to torkal.

      Next, I said it's heavily luck based just as any rest talk set. But what you also can't see is most rest talkers are phazers or tanks with stat boosting moves thank don't want status to ruin there sweep. But on torkal it puts it honestly at a dissadvantage. Especially, when you get moves like gyro ball, will-o-wisp, earth power, earthquake, toxic, stone edge, and more I'm importantly explosion

      A pokemon with wish could probably better serve to help keep it alive rather than the set you're talking about.
    14. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      no what are you talking about? relaxed last far longer and as i said any rest talk pokemon is heavily luck based and i dare you to say it isn't
      torkal has no stat up moves like most rest pokemon

      Lastly that was a horrible set to use as an example i mean really

      rapid spin
      lava plume
      sleep talk

      it takes a 4 from SR so it's a horrible spinner plus it's hp is low anyway, Lava plume has 30% chance to burn, but will-o-wisp auto burn. hell this set is owned by flareon FLAREON.
      id rater have explosion as it means torkal can still serve a purpose be for it dies
      a 500 base power move (500 since it cuts def)
    15. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      rest talk sets are very heavily based on luck so that was a horrible argument to bring up just so you know
    16. Unreality
      whenever you're ready!
    17. Unreality
      sure that would work :D

      see you then
    18. Tyler
      Okay I am on IRC
    19. Supe
      I'm getting married on Saturday, and I've been pretty busy with last minute stuff. I'm gonna be pretty inactive around for several weeks. You can just have third place. See ya around. =)
    20. Supe
      I guess we should get that UU battle done to determine 3rd place. When is good for you?
    21. Buckert
      Hi, would you like to clone 2 of my Pokémon? I need one copy of each, and you can keep a non-redis copy for yourself. ^^
    22. Jayu
      ok i'm online waiting
    23. Jayu
      shall we get this battle done
    24. Arkeis
      Those have ugly shadows
    25. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Hello, Inevitable, I've got a Bulbasaur egg for you.
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    Oct 5, 1991 (Age: 25)
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    4511 6435 2539
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