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Jul 2, 2012
Jun 20, 2010
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Mar 28, 1994 (Age: 21)


21, from Pakistan

infernape-5 was last seen:
Jul 2, 2012
    1. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    2. Shinyshuppet1
      Good good, and I have both games. :p
      I have tried to RNG on an emulator but... I can't find my timer0... I can only RNG on emerald and platinum on an emulator (only breeding, which is useless...)
      But well I got my seismic tosser chansey. xP
      31/x/31/x/31/30 < Ivs x3
    3. Shinyshuppet1
      Well I caught my Reshiram near flawless but It is on a white pokeball. (forgot the name of it sorry) Lol
    4. Shinyshuppet1
      First of all, my Bday will be on 5 months, 2nd I RNGed a zekrom. (caught in a master ball though) :p
    5. Shinyshuppet1
    6. Shinyshuppet1
      Well there is, but that would be too expensive (or that would attract bad people since there are lots of them now in Mexico), and well if I get a new cell phone, I have to do it in Mexico since most of them lose signal when you go to another country. Lol
    7. Shinyshuppet1
      Well sometimes, only manga.
      Oh yeah the law was passed, I guess I will leave this country...
      Well I'll tell you goodbye later when I leave, I'll also say goodbye to some people on the GTS.
    8. Shinyshuppet1
      Anyway later.
    9. Shinyshuppet1
      And people aren't racist to them?! D:
      Well there's this congress man in the US who wants to pass a law which will make every hire-es to show that their workers are legal in here.
      I hope it doesn't passes cuz if it does I will leave this country and I will say bye bye to smogon and GTS because I will come back to my country with 0 internet! Lol
    10. Shinyshuppet1
      Or perhaps you are too naive... -.-
    11. Shinyshuppet1
      |o| So I guess your country immigration doesn't exists, and everyone has almost the same genetic features... interesting... |o|
    12. Shinyshuppet1
      Too bad, and you don't know what racist means? |o| nah u were joking, of course u know.
    13. Shinyshuppet1
      Whats a racist?! Lol So funny, like you don't know. :p
      Anyway you better study hard and pass the test. Forget about everything and only focus on that ok? |o|
    14. Shinyshuppet1
      You don't like black Wiis because you are racist! |o|
      So you are only into white just like my bro even though he ain't white either! Lol
    15. Shinyshuppet1
      And I felt in love with this. :p
      I will get it!
    16. Shinyshuppet1
      DS cartridges? Well I got many, pkm I got only 3, I don't feel like I need to buy more.
    17. Shinyshuppet1
      Well I will get it. I'm always being left behind with games but whatever, I get them cheaper than anyone else! :p
    18. Shinyshuppet1
      Oh yeah I can also RNG breed. |o|
      I bred a dream world cactus thingy, its cute. :o
    19. Shinyshuppet1
      Well I'm working more, so that means more mon-ey and I will buy myself a Wii instead. :p
      Hey its 149 + the Mario Kart game, I won't lost this offer! While the 3DS is 250 dollars. I heard they are giving this offer in the wii because the are going to make a Wii2, so Nintendo might be trying to get rid of this Wii.
      Anyway shiny legends? That's so easy, the only hard thing is to get a good seed with good ivs and shinny at the same time...
    20. Gundem
      would you happen to know how to put pics up for a pokemon shop. I cant seem to get it :s
    21. Shinyshuppet1
      I can RNG everything now muahahaha! >=D
      But I have many headaches for having the comp. on >.<
      Hey do u have any idea why I can't make .pkm files with my stupid server? D:
    22. Shinyshuppet1
      Well I just got my SID. :D
      Will look around in here for all guides! >:D
    23. Shinyshuppet1
      Well in Hg/SS is very easy to RNG too. :p
      Yeah I had the idea of making a pkm file to check my SID but I'm too lazy. |o|
      Meh... school is about to end so I may RNG regigigas and roamer zapdos today.
    24. Shinyshuppet1
      GTS GTS mthode? can you teach me? Also how come you don't know how to RNG in Hg/SS if its just about hitting delays just like in B/W?
    25. Shinyshuppet1
      oh yeah can you check my SID by the way?
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    Mar 28, 1994 (Age: 21)
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