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Sep 7, 2012
Jun 21, 2008
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Jul 7, 1990 (Age: 27)
The wild east


27, from The wild east

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Sep 7, 2012
    1. Furai
      no idea

      maybe blue tornado iirc
    2. Furai
    3. Johnny23
      No, I have Platinum but I still haven't gotten around to playing it.
    4. Johnny23
      Feel free to give me your pokemon today, but I won't have them ready until tomorrow. I really want to battle, and Saturday is the best day to do it.
    5. Suspicious Derivative
    6. Manxer
      thanks a lot man, whoever you are :)
      and your avatar looks kinda funny to me :)
    7. Johnny23
      Yeah it'll have to be tomorrow. I just now finished breeding and training all of the pokemon that I wanted to. I don't even feel up to battling now, which is what I wanted to do after I finished.
    8. az
      nationality and residence are separate, friend!!
    9. az
      i don't live in australia
    10. az
    11. az
      i dont live in germany

      why do you think i live in germany
    12. Jibaku
    13. Jibaku
      Weavile isn't too bad. Froslass has issues dealing damage with 80 base Special Attack but she's a passable Spiker i suppose.
    14. Jibaku
      Mamoswine is alright. Ice Arceus can work too, but you might have a hard time justifying its use.
    15. Jibaku
      Sure, keep using Kyurem in OU lol.
    16. Jibaku
      It is, but when you consider its semi-redundant coverage with its Dragon type, and all the weaknesses that the Ice-type provides, Kyurem's type falls short of being good.
    17. Jibaku
      too many issues with its typing/movepool.
    18. AndViet
      Thanks IronGross, sick avy btw.
    19. Yamata no Orochi
    20. Johnny23
      Ugh, fine. Keep them for tomorrow. I've got a ton of breeding and training of my own to do today. Not to mention that I haven't even had time to get on the dream world yet.
    21. Johnny23
      Yeah, getting pissed at me because your instructions sucked, your English sucks, and your overall intelligence sucks after I took a narcotic painkiller was a mistake. I already had Superstar but I didn't know if that was the second Starmie that you traded me or not because, as you probably don't recall, you've already had me train a Starmie or two in the past so have fun finding someone else to try to follow your crap instructions.
    22. Johnny23
      Starmie should have 4HP/252SpA/252SSpe, with Surf/Psyshock/Rapid Spin/Recover and Leftovers.
      The already done lv100 Starmie should be cloned and remain as it is, the clonbe should have Hydo Pump/Blizzard/Psyshock/Recover and a Life Orb.
      Artivuno should have 248HP/8Def/252SpD with Ice Beam/Roost/Roar/Reflect, hold Leftovers and be called Anka.
      Ralts should be a Gallade with 4HP/252Atk/252Spe, know Close Combat/Shadow Sneak/Ice Punch/Psycho Cut and hold a Choice Band.
      Latias should be called RedJet, have 252HP/4SpD/252Spe, know Wish/Thunder Wave/Reflect/Dragon Pulse and hold Leftovers.

      Articuno and Latias are the only ones that you told me to nickname. I was only confused with what you meant by the already done level 100 Starmie. I recall you trading me two Starmies so I assumed that's what you meant. I also have another Starmie that is nicknamed Superstar and I couldn't remember which one that you traded me and which one is just a copy from an earlier job I did for you.
    23. DittoCrow
    24. Johnny23
      Will do, but I regret to say that I might have to finish it up and return them to you tomorrow. I still have another trade to do, and I'm getting tired. =/
    25. Johnny23
      reconnect time :p
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    Jul 7, 1990 (Age: 27)
    The wild east
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    Loves to eat
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    4427 3903 0535
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