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Apr 11, 2014
Jan 16, 2010
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Jul 9, 1996 (Age: 20)



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Apr 11, 2014
    1. Ninjawes
    2. Ninjawes
      "Resisting the urge to make stupid posts since 2008."

      But you joined in 2010

    3. Toast++
      It already does that. Go to the settings tab and change the beeps per second to 1. I have it default to what it is since I've found it to be far easier to keep a faster rhythm. Its all preference though, that's why I made it customizable.
    4. Tolan
      Thanks :D
    5. Hegna
      Also, are you available now?
    6. Hegna
      Use my diamond FC.
    7. Hegna
      I thought I responded. weird.

      Well, I'm usually on from 4:30 - 5:30 PM ET
      If that doesn't work for you, suggest your own time and I'll see.
    8. Hegna
      If you still want LF's ditto, I can pass it to you for free.
      I still have spare copies, and there's flawless dittos all over the palce anyway.
    9. Mercury
    10. Mercury
      Oh, yes, I have it.

      Unfortunately, I cannot trade you, but I'll let you know when I am available.
    11. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      I. Do but it not attach to the ditto
    12. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      Hello, Since I had router problems(and I still do). I give the ditto to "Mercury". When your own please ask Mercury to give you the ditto.

      Again sorry for the huge delay
    13. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      Pols quickly use this fx 1548 7389 7854 and meet me on
    14. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      also need your f/c
    15. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      sorry it just bugs after bugs
      hopefully I will be on tomorrow
      I think my antivirus is affect my nintendo usb connector
    16. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      With any luck I may be on wifi in about 4 hrs
      Also the ditto have a timid nature but still have Hp Ice
    17. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      Sorry but I need a little more time
      The stupid usb wifi connector isnt working correctly :(
    18. Riski
      Well, Syb's is the best to get, just in case you ever do need shinies. Especially if you ever take on breeding projects for someone.
    19. Riski
      I have Syb's ditto, which is foreign language as compared to an English language game cartridge. This would make it easier for breeding shinies, since you'll have more seeds for international parents.
    20. Ford
      You sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? Now there's a frood who really knows where his towel is!
    21. Vincento341
      Ohh awesome... haha SR :P That could take a while. Then again i SR for a Shiny rayquaza and got it on my third attempt haha. Lucky.
    22. Vincento341
      Aww damn. What about in Gen III?
    23. squeeb
      its all i got at work here...
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    Resisting the urge to make stupid posts since 2008.


    Jul 9, 1996 (Age: 20)
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