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Dec 26, 2014 at 6:26 PM
Jul 20, 2011
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Dec 26, 2014 at 6:26 PM
    1. Trinitrotoluene
      yo, we're opponents for r4 of yolo. my timezone is gmt -8. let me know when you're available.
    2. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      0/10 jen imo
    3. Nozzle
      Hi there, im your opponent for flying blind round 3 since metal sonic did something stupid.
      I am +1gmt and im active on IRC.
      1. Nozzle
        Can you play in an hour or so?
        Dec 17, 2013
    4. srk1214
      Can you play this weekend? I'm in GMT+1.
    5. Hulavuta
      Hey, go ahead and take the win. I've been far more busy than I anticipated so I'm gonna have to drop out.
    6. Funkasaurus
    7. Hulavuta
      Hi Jayde, looks like you were given the win over DC. so I am your opponent now. I am so busy this week though, so I can only play next week Sunday-Tuesday :(
    8. zfs
      So hey, we're matched up for the Flying Blind tourney and the deadline is tomorrow. We're both GMT-5 so it should be easy to set up a match. I'll be on #pokemon and in the Showdown lobby as zfs, so just shoot me a PM when you're good to go.
      1. Jayde
        ok cool, I'm free tomorrow afternoon EST
        Nov 25, 2013
    9. LuckOverSkill
      hey sorry for monday but I was just gone to bed

      can you play tomorrow? I can stay up late night until my 3-4 AM idc, I want to get this over with, everyone seems scared to play lol
    10. Soulgazer
      I'm your opp for RBY tour, you know where to find me

      i'm free all week except friday during the day
    11. LuckOverSkill
      I'm gmt +1, but I have stable internet only in the weekend, I also can't on saturday night, if you absolutely want to play during the week I can make an effort, I should be ready by this thursday
      1. Jayde
        my schedule is basically the same but most of sunday is open

        Nov 5, 2013
      2. LuckOverSkill
        then this friday looks like the best time, I should be free from 6:30 PM onwards, I can't assure you I'll be on after midnight / 1 AM but I should be, if not we can play on sunday :]
        Nov 5, 2013
    12. Soulgazer
      Guess what? we are opponent. GMT-4 and i'm free this weekend.

      You know where to find me :)
    13. Snunch
      I thought your tweets were funny
      1. Eo Ut Mortus
        Eo Ut Mortus
        I thought Snunch thought they were funny, too.
        Oct 19, 2013
    14. FLCL
      washes herself daily
    15. ZodiacTheKid
      Im gmt -8 I can play most days let me know a good time to play for you. Also, I'd rather play on PO than PS unless you have objections.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ZodiacTheKid
        530 is alright with me.
        Oct 19, 2013
      3. ZodiacTheKid
        Also, Oriserver? y/n?
        Oct 21, 2013
      4. Jayde
        Oct 21, 2013
    16. DittoCrow
      Want to play for the NU Open on Sunday?
      1. Jayde
        That should be good, you can find me in east chan
        Oct 10, 2013
    17. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      Hey, i'm free to play now ^_^
      1. Jayde
        Oriserv in like 5 minutes
        Oct 9, 2013
      2. Jayde
        I'm there
        Oct 9, 2013
      3. Goddess Briyella
        Goddess Briyella
        Alright, coming :)
        Oct 9, 2013
    18. NightFox
      Hi, we have to play for the bo3 tour. I'm on between 5pm to 11pm (GMT-4:30) When you can play?
    19. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      Best avatar on smogon
    20. Moose V
      Moose V
      Hey when you down to play for round 3 of the NU open? I'm gmt -7 byw
    21. TPO3
      you can have the win for NU open

      I've just been super busy lately and dunno if my schedule will clear up or not. GL in future rounds
    22. -Leon-
      Hi.We gotta play for MUTE.When can you play?I'm GMT +5,and I'm on ubers room in PS! mostly.
    23. TPO3
      Would Tuesday work at all for game 3? Sorry for not finishing the series out. I wanted to watch Koko v Bloo and the series went for 2 flipping hours. -.-
    24. Osiris
      Hey I gotta play you in the LC Open! What is your username? ^^
    25. Danilo
      is that loqic
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