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Oct 6, 2012
May 3, 2012
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    1. Bloo
      Well, I went ahead and posted in the Grand Slam thread to let the host know about our situation. I have to go now (which you will see in the PM I sent you on the server when you return from being away), but if you are online later today at 12 AM - 2 AM my time (GMT +2), maybe we can get this done. That seems unlikely though, so this will probably be decided by a activity win.

      I'm not sure why you went away after the first game since this is a bo3 tournament. Maybe you didn't know or God forbid something else came up unexpectedly, but yeah.
    2. Bloo
      Send me another VM if there's a problem like that again, i.e. you can't find / connect to Groudon's Grotto, making us have to play on another server, and so on.

      I will be on all of PO version 1, version 2 (preferred), and PS! as "Black Reaper" just in case this time.

      I may have to step out for a while during one of the times you specified, but I am hoping we can catch each other on anyway.
    3. Jerp
      Oh God on PO I was on PS... I'll find Groudons Grotto today
    4. Bloo
      Well, it seems you didn't show up at the hours specified. I'll be on for a little more to see if you get on, but if not, our last chance is tomorrow, so I am hoping we can get this done then.
    5. Bloo
      OK, I'll hop on a computer soon and will be on Groudon's Grotto server (PO version 2) as "Black Reaper". Find me there. If possible, I would like to do it as early as possible, i.e. 1 PM instead of 2 PM, and 2 PM instead of 3 PM, mainly because I have a lot to do today and tomorrow, making me rather short on time (the times you listed are 7, 8 and 9 PM respectively here in Spain, just so you know).

      If you don't have PO version 2 and need to play on Pokemon Showdown, I suppose we can do that, but I am warning you now, the Internet here lags a lot and my browser has been crashing frequently lately, so we may run into problems.

      See you there!
    6. Bloo
      The deadline is fast approaching so we have to get this done relatively soon. I am on vacation so I'll be on here and there often enough, so hopefully I see you on. If there are any specific times you want to battle other than the 9 am - 4 pm that you specified (those times are fine for me, GMT +2 here and 9 am - 4 PM EST time is the evening here), let me know and I'll be there.
    7. Bloo
      I am ready to play! If you see me on, feel free to ask to play and if I am available, we'll do it.
    8. Bloo
      I'll have to get teams and whatnot, so when I do I'll let you know and we can schedule something.
    9. The Immortal
      The Immortal
      Hi, I am your opponent in the 'The Inaugural BW2 OU Tournament'. I am online daily from 1:00pm to 1:00am GMT+4 on Pokemon Showdown!. PM me if you see me there, I'll be at the top of the user list.
    10. Steamroll
      your opponent is for the randbats tour is Milos
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