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Oct 12, 2012
Oct 10, 2009
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from Austria

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Oct 12, 2012
    1. reklaw_vahn
      That isn't possible as I am in GMT -8 and that is on the Pacific Coast of America, or Pacific Standard time. You must mean GMT +8 which is in Austrailia. If I am right then that means the time you received this message was...5:02 AM? That would mean you are 8 hours behind me. So...I will be available from 4:30-8:30 AM (GMT-8, or Pacific Standard Time).
    2. Ryuuken
      I added you for DW neighbor purposes I hope to be able to arrange a wifi meet quick over the next few days please,

      please consider adding FC so we can be neighbors please and thank you:

      Aloha! register my code please so we can be neighbors

      BlAcK FC 1076 7219 4498
    3. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      I could swear I had sent you a message but anyway, I added you for DW neighboring. My FC is 4126 1115 1603 and my PGL nickname is FleetingRain. I'll try to be idle on Wi-Fi for the next twelve hours, so see me if you have the chance.
    4. SuperJOCKE
      Ok, then it makes sense. My haven't arrived yet either. It's in Sweden it's just it needs to be delivered to me. It's just 30 miles away from me. xP
    5. SuperJOCKE
      One question, has your game arrived all of sudden? Didn't you pick the cheapest shipment?
    6. Maylene
      no worries and ill take care of bidoof lol
    7. Maylene
      im on now
    8. Maylene
      hey mate you wanna trade now?
    9. Maylene
      alrite man i will try to be on in those times tonight for you. ill message you unless you see me first ())))
    10. Maylene
      man i feel really bad as i am never online when you VM me, what time some are you in, because i will try to sort out a time that is easy for the both of us.
    11. Maylene
      sorry mate i only just got your VM yes use my platinum FC contact me next time your on.
    12. Riski
      You're welcome. :-)
    13. Riski
      Are you available now? If so, we can get it done now.
    14. Riski
      Ah, so you're half way across the world from me. Well, I'm sure we can work something out. Maybe before you go to bed or something? When are you usually on the forum? Can you tell me your time zone (GMT + or - confuses me, so give me a name, like I'm in EST, or give me a city that matches your zone).
    15. Riski
      No, sorry, Jojo. I'm exhausted. It's 3 am in the morning. If you can be on line about three or four hours earlier tomorrow night (not sure what time it is for you right now), let's try then.
    16. Riski
      Give me a VM if you see me on the forum at the same time as you. I'm in Eastern Standard Time.
    17. sophies
      hello, this post is regarding youpods rilou giveaway if you have not recieved it yet,
      please vm me for your copy when you see me online. *note ill WILL NOT be on this weekend
      so try to get a hold of me during the week.
      The other two distributors are: (if you cannot get a hold of me)
      2. Rawrior
      3. monsoonbeast
    18. JojoX3
      whoops^^ okay everything clear xD
    19. JojoX3
      Lol I can see you now, but you seem to be trading with someone =/
    20. sophies
      i think its just the wifi acting screwy ill try again after this guy trades me :P
    21. sophies
      that shouldnt make a difference..
    22. JojoX3
      Could it be that I can´t trade with english people using a german Platinum version? I´m from Austria, you know.
    23. sophies
      i see you click on me and click apply
    24. sophies
      i am in trade room now everything looks right
    25. JojoX3
      I did add yours.. To sum it up:

      My FC: 4855 7655 4883
      Your FC(HG): 3782 1262 5725

      Is that right?
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    My Platinum FC: 4855 7655 4883
    My White FC: 1377 6656 8883


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    4855 7655 4883
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