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Aug 12, 2016
Sep 14, 2008
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    1. gabriel
      SB stands for speed boost Torchic. Do you have any?
    2. DR4G0Nx
    3. Zoap
      Hey Jono, I know you said below frame 5, but there were only two non neutrals below 5, so I'll list them all:

      Seed:881201F4 Date:2011 08 05 Time:18:51:45 Delay:489 Frame: 5 Nature: Timid Ability:0 Gender: M

      Seed:8D0301F4 Date:2011 08 12 Time:03:00:45 Delay:489 Frame:12 Nature: Sassy Ability: 1 Gender: M

      Seed:B71301F4 Date:2011 08 12 Time:19:42:45 Delay:489 Frame:7 Nature:Mild Ability:1 Gender: F

      Seed:E30201F4 Date:2011 08 17 Time:02:46:45 Delay:489 Frame:13 Nature:Modest Ability:0 Gender:F

      Seed:280301F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:03:51:45 Delay:489 Frame:3 Nature:Gentle Ability:0 Gender:M

      Seed:230D01F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:13:46:45 Delay:489 Frame:14 Nature:Jolly Ability:0 Gender:M

      Seed:291001F4 Date:2011 08 25 Time:16:52:45 Delay:489 Frame:8 Nature:Hasty Ability:0 Gender:M

      Seed:501201F4 Date:2011 08 31 Time:18:43:45 Delay:489 Frame:8 Nature:Calm Ability:1 Gender:M
    4. StealthX
      O, and I forgot to say that it's for today's date (26/6/2011)
    5. StealthX
      I say your post in Simple Questions/Requests. I found you a bunch of options. but here's one that, (If I understand what your looking for) should work

      Seed: C3000200 Time: 00:27:12 Delay 501 Frame 5 (adamant, F, ability 1)

      I hope is helps/is actually what you were looking for!
    6. Zoap
      Seed:371701f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:23:04:45 Delay:489 Frame: 10 Nature: Rash Ability:1 Gender: F

      Seed:350e01f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:14:02:45 Delay:489 Frame:1 Nature: Naive Ability: 0 Gender: F

      Seed:5d0701f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:07:42:45 Delay:489 Frame:1 Nature:Lax Ability:1 Gender: M

      Seed:430601f4 Date:2011 06 01 Time:06:16:45 Delay:489 Frame:4 Nature:Quiet Ability:1 Gender:F

      Seed:DF0001F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:00:28:45 Delay:489 Frame:12 Nature:Relaxed Ability:1 Gender:F

      Seed:E10301F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:03:30:45 Delay:489 Frame:13 Nature:Mild Ability:1 Gender:M

      Seed:DC0401F4 Date:2011 06 25 Time:04:25:45 Delay:489 Frame:7 Nature:Brave Ability:1 Gender:F

      I left out serious as it is a neutral nature.
    7. The Giritina-man
    8. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Ok, use the 1st FC in my sig.
    9. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      What's your FC?
    10. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      For which game do you need THIS Syberia Ditto?
    11. Crim09
      Trainer ID: 30220
      Secret ID: 19057
    12. Crim09
      be right there
    13. Crim09
      yea I can do that, vm me back
    14. Frawg
      Thanks for the trade as well
    15. Entei The Swift
      Entei The Swift
      ok. thanks for the trade in advance!
    16. Entei The Swift
      Entei The Swift
      ok meet ya in wifi.
    17. Frawg
      Yes, i'll see ya online.
    18. Entei The Swift
      Entei The Swift
      ok that sounds good. Just tell me what your new FC is xP
    19. Frawg
      What's your fc?
    20. monsoonbeast
      And thank you for two wonderful Pokemon
    21. monsoonbeast
      So I can redis them but who I trade them to can't?
      If you ever need any more RNG Reporter help, I'm here to help
    22. monsoonbeast
      Yes, I can trade now.
      Can I also have your beat Ho-oh? :) Thanks
    23. monsoonbeast
      Sorry, I was out this morning, I'll VM you when you're online, and thanks :)
      Good luck with all the ID/SID abusing
    24. MegaAwesomazing
      Thanks again dude ;o
    25. MegaAwesomazing
      hey can u help me IV battle again?
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