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Sep 12, 2012
Jun 13, 2012
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    1. hockeyguy605
      15 different locations. 5 each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) for VGC '13. Go here for more info.
    2. hockeyguy605
      You should go. I went to my first one in the Spring and I had a pretty good time. I went 5-2, which isn't too bad for a first-timer. I also got 25th place (out of 3K+) in that online Spring Friendly.

      It's just a good place to meet a bunch of people who like Pokemon as much, if not more than, yourself.
    3. hockeyguy605
      Why would you assume that they're on 4th Gen? Not trying to sound rude, just curious.

      I'll be honest, I only said yes because you actually followed the thread rules. I don't really need anything EV'd until the VGC '13 rules come out and I come up with a team. I'll keep you in mind for that.
    4. hockeyguy605
      Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to trade with people who can use unlimited Vitamins/Wings. All of my stuff is on 5th Gen already. Sorry for wasting your time.
    5. hockeyguy605
      Thanks for the offer and following the rules.

      Do you have any experience EVing for someone?
      How do you usually EV (Pokerus/Power Items or Vitamins/Wings)?

      Get back to me when you can.
    6. religiousjedi
      Whatever is in the shop is what I have.
    7. Victini
      Sorry for the late reply, if you still want celebi what do you have to offer for it?
    8. Ericcc
    9. Ericcc
      We've traded on gen 5 before right?
    10. Ericcc
      i'm in the wifi room
    11. Ericcc
    12. Ericcc
      Hey I'll be online now, msg me if you are too so we can trade,
    13. Ericcc
      Sorry that took so long lol,
      anyway that Ditto was a Japanese one so you should take that into account (if you need to know for RNG, because you do in 5th gen)
    14. Ericcc
      I keep on getting sidetracked lol.
      I'll be on the wifi room in 4th gen with the Ditto now.
    15. Ericcc
      Are you still on? Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I can trade you a ditto in 4th gen.
    16. Ericcc
      hey so did you ever transfer da pokes over?? :o
    17. Ericcc
      Buy if you want I can trade you one for sure.message me when you're on so we can arrange the trade,
    18. Ericcc
      Basically, RNG'ing in 4th Gen is MUCH more specific than it is in 5th Gen (due to something called delays). RNG in 5th Gen only requires precision down to a second and it's much more straightforward. I know I'm being very general and non specific but it's general consensus that it's easier in 5th Gen,
    19. Ericcc
      Yeah I actually do. But my advise to you is just try learning it in 5th gen if you're going to start new. 4th gen RNG is MUCH harder than 5th gen RNG is. It's really reallly complicated (maybe I'm being over exaggerated but still) in 4th gen... at least a fair bit more complicated than it is in 5th gen.
    20. Ericcc
      I was just about to asks, lol, x____ x
    21. Ericcc
      Actually, (not so) much to my surprise, it's not on my White either, d:
      I can trade it on 4th gen. Meet you on,
    22. Ericcc
      On 5th gen?
    23. Ericcc
      Nope, it couldn't have HP Ice with those IV's... lol, sorry to dissapoint!
    24. Ericcc
      Judging from the IV's, there is no way it could have HP Fire.
      it's a purely defensive set so no NP. Although, it has 10 ANIV as the OT, so that's pretty special, d:
    25. Ericcc
      Whenever you can! Tomorrow works out great though. Msg me if you see me on/ vice versa.

      Anyway have fun wit da pokes!!

      (and aw I miss 4th gen lol. Is it me or is the whole wifi process like way less buggy/ much faster? d:)
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