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Aug 22, 2008
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Nov 11, 1993 (Age: 22)
Home page:
Sydney, Australia
Student/research intern


shake me from LA hallucinations, 22, from Sydney, Australia

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    1. whistle
      hey boo where do the cool kids hang out these days
    2. v
      good ct, im also a disciple of yung based carly bae
    3. SgtWoodsy
      is that a LiS avatar? it looks nice!
    4. internet
      Let's k*ck some b*ns....!
    5. dice
      stay well love
    6. SparksBlade
      i'll cling to the poetry link, keep writing more and take care of yourself! <3
    7. internet
      the ol' jumpluff rapidfire avatars

      whos in this one
      1. jumpluff
        I always wondered if people noticed that LOL

        I have no idea 'cause I changed again since last night >.> but I've been using avatars from my general folder which means I don't know or it's original characters...
        Jul 31, 2016
    8. SgtWoodsy
    9. SparksBlade
      long time no see!
      must mean you making good progress :D
    10. Minwu
    11. internet
    12. Acklow
      complex motives
    13. internet
    14. SgtWoodsy
      1. SgtWoodsy
        wait this doesn't make sense without your mercy avatar so never mind!
        Jul 4, 2016
    15. LizardMan
      We are all getting so old. :(
    16. Beck
      heya! yeah i've had an acct here for like the last five years but never got around to using it, and didn't know Circus existed till you and DLE showed up at MU! glad to be here :)
    17. Agender Nerd
      Agender Nerd
      I'm assuming it was you who deleted that blatant troll post, thanks for that. And yeah that thread is getting a bit toxic even without blatant trolls. Do what you have to for your mental health and take care!
    18. SparksBlade
      do you go to irc/ps much?
      1. jumpluff
        I use irc by the name of kiyoaki, but I'm not on it much lately because I'm sick (and now flying to america soon), I only use it on my desktop, doesn't work on my mobile. I can usually be found in #tf2 #circus #ow or /whois kiyoaki

        PS I go on sporadically when I have the time!

        sup :)
        Jul 3, 2016
      2. SparksBlade
        o get well soon! i'll catch you on irc then

        been reading your poems :]
        Jul 3, 2016
      3. SparksBlade
        i did /whois and i think it said you're on but you're in no rooms idk what to do halp :o
        Aug 6, 2016
    19. Rugi
      I don't feel very comforted though ;(
      1. jumpluff
        ya, it blows

        are you actually 15? I don't mean this in a condescending way, you seemed older to me. it's just, I know this is not very good since like you care about other people which is one of the most impt attributes, and stuff like pauline hanson having six years from a double dissolution with an upswing in fascism is terrible

        but having a labor government when you graduate hs will at least save your skin, looking at what the libs are doing, and a close government this term will prevent anything too drastic from being done. last term only worked because the libs had such a powerful control over one house, and they started to get stonewalled by the lower house

        and the double dissolution means the senate will probably be some semblance of leftish for the next six years, which will help labor a lot when they regain the house of reps
        Jul 2, 2016
      2. jumpluff
        basically, labor was never going to WIN this, incumbents are almost never voted out; it's a testament to the travesty that was the last liberal term that one term turnbull nearly happened too. viewed in that light, with libs as heavy favourites, this is actually a very good result for what could be expected, forward-thinkign both for how this term will play out with the balance of power and how things will stand when the libs get voted out. consider the dearth of electable people in the liberal party; the only electable PM to the masses they have is turnbull right now
        Jul 2, 2016
      3. Rugi
        Yes I am 15. Thats part of the reason I dislike the political apathy in this country. I'm not allowed to vote yet I see the lack of knowledge in the current voting population and it terrifies me. The fact that people like Lambi and Hanson can still gain traction in what I not so many years thought was a modern just and equal country is scary.

        I I hope you're right about the power and ideology shift into the left. My worry isn't what happens in the future but rather what happens now. The great barrier reef is almost dead, Censorship levels are climbing, vacancies are increasing and Murdoch has a borderline monopoly on our media.

        I can immigrate when I'm older if Australia really goes to shit which it hopefully/probably won't but I'm scared of whats going to become of it in the immediate future.
        Jul 2, 2016
    20. Aurora
      I cannot believe Pauline Hanson might get a Senate spot
    21. RODAN
      zero time dilemma is incredible
    22. internet
      avatar sad or comfy? either way its cute
    23. SparksBlade
      do NOT neglect that teddy pls thanks :]
    24. PK Gaming
    25. Walrein
      for the record i'm willing to be a fairly high priority sub for the NOC, though it should be noted that i'll be on vacation july 4-9
      1. Walrein
        i say this only because i know SOMEONE's bound to idle
        Jun 13, 2016
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    got a head full of drought


    Nov 11, 1993 (Age: 22)
    Home page:
    Sydney, Australia
    Student/research intern
    Real Name:
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Strong willed
    3DS Friend Code:
    1633 4284 0131

    they/them/theirs. hit me up if you want to talk books or gender


    league of legends: Homura Akemi (NA) / Sayaka Miki (OCE)
    smite: homurabbit
    battle.net: homurabbit#1934
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