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Justin Thyme
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Mar 6, 2017
Apr 9, 2011
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Justin Thyme

from Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Justin Thyme was last seen:
Mar 6, 2017
    1. Murt
      Sounds good to me can you trade today? or do you want to wait until next tuesday? ^_^
    2. Maui Wowee
      Maui Wowee
      ight dude, it's no problem.
    3. Captains
      whenever we're both on then!
    4. Captains
      please remember to use when nicknaming, capital G and R for the respective words, but without the space: GrimReaper

      If you manage a Careful aswell, please nickname it the same.
    5. Captains
      pretty standard / easy.

      Dusknoir (please NN: GrimReaper)
      Impish (if you're feeling awesome you could also do me Careful, but Impish primarily)
      Egg Moves: Pain Split

      Note the Egg will hatch a Duskull, don't evolve it, keep it at Lv. 1
    6. Captains
      Are you able to do me a BP still? 8) Since you owe me a credit.
    7. IceArceus12
      Where are you?
    8. Kaphotics
      answer is no. The game rounds at every iteration, and the damage formula on the net is wrong. We're fixing it soon ;)
    9. Ryziken
      Hmm, that's interesting.

      Yeah, this past few weeks, I've pretty much been using this one initial seed I found by chance on Jan 8th. I can abuse it to get 2 Rare Candies each time, with only about 90 seconds between clock resets.

      So it sounds like from what you're saying (haven't tested it myself yet), is to use the frame 6 seed as my Pickup seed if I encounter a Pokemon on frame 1, for example?

      Kaphotics replied on the research thread, saying it has to do with PID frames. But they weren't sure. So I guess I'll have to play around a little more with it.

      Still, it sounds like I couldn't get Rare Candies much faster than I currently am (the Timer0 fluctuation is the only thing slowin it down). So for my purposes, I may not care to look much more into it. But who knows? My curiosity may tempt me again at some point. :)
    10. Biosci
      no problem
    11. Biosci
      I'm entering the room now
    12. Biosci
      Are you still on?
    13. Biosci
      Alright I'll be able to message you in 2 hours and know for sure if I'll be back home at that time.
    14. Biosci
      Okay when do you need these back, I gotta head to school now and I won't be by my DS for the next 4 hours? xD
    15. Biosci
      I'll meet you in the room then.
    16. Biosci
      Yeah, sorry I was busy today I can do it sometime tomorrow I guess.
    17. Kaphotics
      doesn't work if you run away from a battle, not "running" in the overworld
    18. Stormfront
      Hey, it seems my stock of Tornadus is out right now and I don't have the time to bring it into my game, can we trade another day?
    19. Stormfront
      10 minutes sound good to you?
    20. religiousjedi
    21. religiousjedi
      DW Arceus you say? In that case, I'll accept a credit for the Scyther, and redeem it when you get the Arceus. Sound good?

      And, you said this is for VGC? Will you be wanting a nickname and any tutor moves? I have to shift it to my White version in order to trade.
    22. religiousjedi
      Well then, like I said, there's nothing in your shop that interests me at the moment. I'd trade it for a credit, if only I was assured of new stuff coming in soon.
    23. Biosci
    24. Biosci
      Yeah sure FC?
    25. Bruno Magno
      Bruno Magno
      For me, 8pm GMT is perfect. See you in the room :)
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    On hiatus/away for ever. I'll redeem people's credits but that's it. I've lost all interest in competitive Pokémon aside from VGC and RNGing.


    Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
    Real Name:
    Justin Thyme
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