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Oct 21, 2012
Dec 26, 2009
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Oct 21, 2012
    1. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      How long can you stay online? You seem to disappear quite quickly after posting.
    2. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Please stay online long enough for somebody to actually help you.....30 minutes to an hour outta do it.
    3. cantab
      Hopefully this time I will be VMing the _right_ person!

      Your Sapphire is certainly fake. Your Emerald probably is also.

      A genuine Emerald cartridge:

      Is translucent green.
      Has an internal battery in the top right corner as seen from the label side. (The label blocks easy view, but you can just about see it)
      MODEL NO AGB-002
      embossed on the back
      Is held together with a tri-wing screw
      (C) 2002 Nintendo AGB-E05-01
      printed on the PCB just above the contacts, you can see it by looking into the contacts. (The exact numbers may be different, that's what's on my UK cart, but nothing there indicates definite fake).
      Should have some letters and numbers indented into the label.
      May complain that the internal battery has run dry upon startup, but should not give messages like "the saved data has been loaded".
      Was not bought off eBay from a seller with dozens of 'new' Pokemon games listed and shipped with the box folded up and a very small manual ;-)
    4. VKCA
      See that little picture of a mountain right at the top of the box for typing your message/post? find the url of an image. Ex http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt63/Dakota_Bartsch/IMG_2344.jpg
      then you click the little picture of a mountain, and it will ask you for the url of an image, and you enter it in there.
      Also you probably shouldn't make threads in firebot development lab.
      if you have any other simple questions post them here:
      The ask a simple question, get a simple answer thread.
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