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Dec 21, 2015
Jul 22, 2010
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September 16
Best Coast


Its 2015 somewhere, from Best Coast

is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament
kingofmars was last seen:
Dec 21, 2015
    1. Lohgock
      hey, we're paired for spl. I'm gmt+1, pretty much any day works for me tho i prefer playing later this week
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      2. Lohgock
        alright, since you're available in my late nights to early mornings it's only possible for me to play friday night or weekend. Either work for me so lets say friday 4 pm your time?
        Feb 24, 2015
      3. kingofmars
        That'd work for me, but as an alternative I can play at 2pm my time on Sunday if that's easier
        Feb 24, 2015
      4. Lohgock
        that'd be even better. Sunday is it then!
        Feb 25, 2015
    2. Biosci
      hy we're playing. Just leaving this for rules purposes. I'm available almost any day after 3 pm PST, prefer to play ASAP. We can talk on skype for when you're free.
    3. Arcticblast
      <Arcticblast> hey kingofmars wanna play Saturday?
      <kingofmars> sure
      <Arcticblast> ok I'll post this on your VM wall and we'll figure out a time as the week goes on
      <kingofmars> like after 4 (Pacific) I should be good to play

      That's like 7 PM my time which is a little late but there shouldn't be any problems
      1. Arcticblast
        Hey I'm having major connection issues that are beyond my control (fuck Pitt wifi); if I can't get on in time for our match today, does the same time tomorrow work?
        Jan 10, 2015
    4. Energy
      Rofl i just explained to my dad that im playing vgc and i need my 3ds before we go to PR
    5. Tele
      wanna let u know that
      ur avy is adorable
    6. Steven Snype
    7. vonFiedler
      I don't like bugging people but could you join my big game? I need a few more good players to round out the playerlist.
    8. McMeghan
      If you could give me a time so we can meet today on IRC that'd be cool :]
    9. McMeghan
      lets try to meet tmrw on irc to play for the dubs tour :O
    10. HANTSUKI
      when do you wanna play for the Doubles Tourney? I'm GMT-3 and usually free during my afternoon/night and you can find me easily on #baril and #pokemon
      1. kingofmars
        I'm GMT -7, I'm fairly active on irc, so if you're on just hop into the #doubles chat and we should see each other there
        Apr 22, 2014
    11. Arcticblast
      Scheduled SPL match over IRC, posting log in comments
      1. Arcticblast
        <kingofmars> arcticblast
        <kingofmars> when do you want to do this
        <kingofmars> I cant do thursday/friday
        * jas61292 (look@my.vhost) has joined
        <Arcticblast> you said you were busy Saturday before
        <Arcticblast> so Sunday works
        Mar 18, 2014
      2. Arcticblast
        <kingofmars> yeah sunday sounds good to me
        <kingofmars> can you post that on my wall?
        <Arcticblast> sure
        <kingofmars> lets go with like 6ish pdt or something
        <Arcticblast> What timezone are you in?
        <kingofmars> pdt
        <kingofmars> California
        <Arcticblast> so that's like 9 pm for me
        <Arcticblast> bit late but should work
        Mar 18, 2014
    12. Frochtejohgurt
      please explain your avatar :]
    13. Braverius
      Yo, can we play earlier in the week since I'm moving on Friday and in Canada Saturday/Sunday? Tomorrow/Tuesday/Thursday work the best. I can probably do weekend but would rather not have to worry about it.
    14. Joim
      Hi, kom, this is a typical SPL vm. I'm your rival this week, my time is GMT+1 and I can play from Wednesday to Friday past 20.00 and the weekend basically whole day. If there's a problem with this schedule I can wake up and play at 7.00 on thursday / friday / sunday. Whatever suits you best!
      1. kingofmars
        How bout we shoot for Thursday? I can play from 4-11 PM PST so just tell me which of those times suits you best
        Feb 17, 2014
      2. Joim
        Thursday seems cool, so that's from 1 am to 8 am my time, 10 PM PST your thursday seems fine, that'd be my Friday at 7 AM.
        Feb 17, 2014
      3. kingofmars
        Sounds good to me, see you then
        Feb 17, 2014
    15. Laga
      alright this is just a post to confirm that we have scheduled a time.

      super complicated, but at 11PM PST / 8AM GMT+1 is what we agreed on right?
    16. Ultimathunder
      Yo, when are you gonna send us a pic of ur shaved head?
    17. R Inanimate
      R Inanimate
      Just to confirm, we'll be playing on Thursday night for SPL week 4, correct?
    18. BlankZero
      Semis pit us together. Damn that Laga.

      Play times? I'm GMT -7
      1. kingofmars
        just try to find me on irc, preferably before january 4th
        Dec 30, 2013
      2. BlankZero
        Easily done. Probably tomorrow then?
        Dec 30, 2013
    19. atomicllamas
      Hi we have each other for doubles minitour, I am GMT -6, when are you available/what is your timezone?
    20. Level 51
      Level 51
      battle for doubles doubles tour when im GMT+8
    21. Brammi
      hey, pokebasket told me you messaged me after I first contacted you but I've been back through my vms and can't see anything. When are you available?
    22. Brammi
      Hey man, we're up for Doubles Doubles, if you want to converse with your teammate first feel free. But just to let you know, I'm GMT+10 and Most commonly available in the afternoons.
    23. Tiba
      need talk to you champion o.o
    24. Furai
      go get double rainbow trophies by the way~
    25. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      purty trophy colors
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    September 16
    Best Coast
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    Gavin Michaels
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