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Dec 5, 2013
May 31, 2010
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    1. SwampertGirl
      You still on? If so, then sure.
    2. SwampertGirl
      lol I guess I'll VM you next time I see you online then.
    3. SwampertGirl
      I don't care about IVs or nature. Just that it is Male and has the egg move. :>
    4. tomtom5858
      No, as in, if there's someone who is going to help you, do you think you could get them to help me?
    5. tomtom5858
      Hey dude, if you get someone helping you with RNGing, you think you could get them to me?
    6. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Is your Timd Syncher a Mew?
    7. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Yea...I already found one. Thanks anyways.
    8. Echosofchaoz
      Alright no rush!
      But i was wondering if I could borrow your Tornadus to get Landorus
      Ill be on for awhile im having a lazy day so ill be here for awhile lol
    9. Echosofchaoz
      Hey there!
      Well as of right now I no longer need the EV training I was able to finish it off last night just took awhile but ill keep you in mind if I ever need it! I usually clone the pokemon and let you keep one as a reward tho for future reference!
      But If you have Black version there is something you could do to help!
    10. Green Mage
      Green Mage
      Thanks for taking the time to help me man, i really appreciate it :)
    11. Green Mage
      Green Mage
      Yup still on :)
    12. Green Mage
      Green Mage
      My fc is 3825 8584 9426. Ill be on for awhile. Thanks for your help bud
    13. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      oh its alright i got one
    14. Bamce
      nah I don't needem back. Good luck!
    15. xMistyx
      No worries.
    16. xMistyx
      Okay what's your Friend code I'll head in now. It was a power anklet yeah?
    17. xMistyx
      Just opened my Ds I'm in the middle of a Battle Subway match give me about five minutes to get out of it.
    18. megamonk4
      Thank you as well, :D
    19. megamonk4
      No problem, :D. Here's my FC: 3224 1436 6447 See you on wifi,:).
    20. Bakus
      Ahaha, then I'm glad I was helpful ^_^
    21. Bakus
      Ah, I didn't solve anything...and probably told you what you already knew, XD. But I'm glad you weren't just annoyed ^_^
    22. Bakus
      That is the problem indeed...sorry, I can't help you there :/
    23. Bakus
      Ah, if you're "not" wanting shiny pokemon and just want to do RNG for IVs, then there's a much quicker way than having to hit your delay twice, lol.

      - On RNG Reporter, select Method: DPPT Egg PID. International if you're using an international parent.
      - Click Seed Finder and do this process. Since you have to do this to RNG for IV, I won't explain it.
      - click ok on what it spits out and RNG reporter should update your seed in its required box. Select desired nature and ability (shininess too...but doing shiny this way will make you do like..1000+taps).
      - generate
      - Right click on desired spread and click "calculate poketch taps"

      Enjoy :)
    24. Bakus
      Since this is an RNG question, it belongs in a different thread, but I'll just reply here and save us both the time of posting elsewhere, XD.

      Anyways: If you're using shiny egg finder, then that's the fastest way. I thought you 'just' wanted to breed a synchronizer, in which case using the old method is fine. If you're breeding for shiny/nature/ability though, you're doing it the fastest way imo.
    25. Mr Sp
      Mr Sp
      damn wifi >_> btw thank u so much, man that took so long lol
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